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December 15, 2008

Goddammit. I clicked on Mental Diarrhea's blog link the other day in my blogroll only to find that he's deleted his blog. Fuck. I liked his blog, but I remember the day or so before that he had some issues with people stalking him from Facebook and such. Well, my friend, if you're still out there visiting this piece of shit blog, I hope you're well.

I wasn't going to do this, but I just read over at ScopeTech that Monday is Scope's birthday. For the chronoannularly challenged, that's December 22nd, which means that Scope shares his birthday with Ladybird Johnson, Steve Garvey and Crissy Moran (to name a few off to the top of my head) and that Scope's a Capricorn. Not only that, but he's also a cusp Capricorn, which means he likes things that come in sets of twos, is fascinated by twins, and astrologically, his perfect mate is a Cancer. See, I know all of those things because MY BIRTHDAY IS ALSO DECEMBER 22ND!!! Scope also shares a birthday with two of my lamest ex-girlfriends...if you can call someone that you dated for a week because you were on the rebound "a girlfriend". Also, yes, I'm aware that my birthday is the day that the world is supposed to end. Fucking awesome. I doubt that this is a coincidence.

So, despite the fact that I was going to avoid any mention of my birthday, I was forced to bring it up because having the same birthday as Scope (and Crissy Moran) is Twelve Shades of Awesome and then some.

As a follow up from Friday, I appreciate all the support and love shown by my readership. While having the same birthday as Scope is Twelve Shades of Awesome and then some, getting suggestions from you is like 12,000 shades of awesome. I thought I'd give an old skool shout-out to those who deserve them. Here goes:

First, I want to thank God, because without Him, none of this would be possible. His gift of a jaded outlook on life and humanity has caused me endless amounts of joy and pleasure. His gift of people whose senses of humor are exactly like mine is also important. Thanks, Big Guy.

Sorry, folks, that picture of Wonder Woman isn't going away. Ever. It'll probably come back at some point. Often.

Next, Mike's use of the terms "on-air hand jobs" to celebrate the local teams is almost as awesome as the Wonder Woman pic. I'll be using it. Often. Especially since everyone's busy verbally fellating Carolina for having the number one team in the land this year, and having to listen to the constant spankfest that surrounds Tyler Hansbrough is making me nauseous. Did you know that Hansbrough slew a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of an Ass and he re-routed the Alpheus and Peneus rivers to clean the Augean stables in a single day? True story.

While I'm shocked that no one insulted me for my love of R.E.M., I did find it disheartening that Hap (who suffers from the same five minutes of commercials, sports break, and then five more minutes of commercials on his Sportstalk radio) felt it necessary to defend himself for liking Staind and Nickleback. I like Staind quite a bit, and while Nickleback certainly has their haters out there, I enjoy them, as well. Many of their songs are dirty fun.

My new BFF Chemgeek does make me feel somewhat better. He's a college prof and assures me that the shit the kids are listening to these days is just that: shit. Awesome. Still, while you can't polish a turd, there is the chance that you might find one good band out of the eighty shitty ones that are currently being played. Granted, I did just admit to finding Nickleback's songs dirty fun, but that's beside the point. Sometimes you have to wade through a lot of shit to get an ear of corn.

TBCWTWSPDHB suggested HD radio, but since I don't cry tears of gold, I can't afford that right now. Ha, these young and single kids, how they look on the world with unjaded eyes, before life has crippled their hopes and dreams. I remember being there once. Good times, good times. Although, I did hear there's a local HD channel that plays some new stuff, and they stream on the web, so I can try that as well as follow up on Scope's suggestion of WXRT's streaming feed.

Basically, I had nothing to say today, I just wanted to point out that Scope and I have the same birthday, and (chances are) you don't. Fuckin' aye.


LYDIA said...

Aww... it's almost a Happy Birthday! My husband's birthday is Wednesday the 17th. Yes, his birthday presents are under the Christmas tree mixed in with all of his Christmas presents - but they are wrapped in Happy Birthday paper. Does that make it better?

Chemgeek said...

December 22nd? Crap.

Happy belated birthday.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Thank you future Chemgeek, for coming back to save us from our horrible fate. And for stopping along the way to wish me happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Matt -- you seem to collect pictures of redheads. May I suggest to you Christina Hendricks? If you're into geek cred, she was on Firefly a couple of times... -JT

Dr Zibbs said...

..And know on to me. Jan 8 is my bday and I share it with Elvis (looking around) ..Anyone?....anyone?

Chemgeek said...

I was actually referring to last year's birthday, but one never knows when Wizard Cat will bounce you around the space-time continuum.

red said...

Happy early birthday. If you share your day with local hero Steve Garvey, you must be pretty okay.

Susan said...

OK...Love your filthy language. You make me look more reserved. Thank god.

Mel O said...

Ugh, I know... I hate it when people just disappear without explanation! It makes me feel so insignificant to them... to not even get a reason or some warning. Anyway, fuck 'em... He was probably just jealous that his blog could never be as wonderful as *YOURS*

Also, I'm not very good at math... but... doesn't that mean you have a birthday coming up?! I don't have money for a gift, but certainly I could pose for a picture in a novelty tee?

Alaina said...

::drooling:: You have a picture of Mike Rowe. ::wiping up drool:: Lovely. warn me next time.

Scope said...

You, my good friend, are winning a S.T.A.R. Award. Granted, finding out the birthday thing means I have to re-write that section of the awards, but DAMN IT, you deserve it.

And like most people who have birthdays in the shadow of Christmas, normally, I don't make a big deal out of it.

Just wanted to post today.


Oh, and the Myth Busters recently disproved the whole "you can't polish a turd" thing. Catch it if you can.

BeckEye said...

You missed sharing a birthday with Eddie Vedder by one day. Imagine how much more awesome you could have been.

~E said...

1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! early... And the world is supposed to end on Monday? What Now Say again????

2) "Still, while you can't polish a turd" I do believe that the MythBuster episode from two weeks ago proved that you can infact polish poop.

3) If chemgeek is your BFF (I'm assuming because you both are in the Chemistry profesion) can I be your much talked about black sheep cousin who turned away from Chem and chose the path less trodden and did Biochem instead?

Ashley said...

Fuckin' aye. Love that movie. :)

And good that you gives thanks to the Big Guy.

Hap said...

1) When I told someone at work I was listen to Nickelback, I didn't get anything good as a response. Fortunately, I used up my "trying to be cool" points in seventh grade. Nickelback songs are dirty fun, though hearing them ask about what you would do on your last day and then in the next song answer roughly with "Drink myself silly and smoke a lot of weed" involves some cognitive dissonance. Of course, I don't feel ripped off by their CD, unlike the last few PS2 games I purchased. I like Staind, but at some point life can't always suck for them, right?

2) My science teacher in sixth grade said that he assumed that birthdays near Christmas gave the opportunity for random relative to give underwear tops as Christmas gifts and underwear bottoms as birthday gifts. I hope you avoid that fate - but if the world ends, you should probably open your gifts early just in case.

3) Please don't wear eye black patches with Bible verse on them. Please?

Gwen said...

I'm not surprised to find that the two of you like things that come in twos because boobs generally come in twos.

Scope said...

Yes, praise the lord. And I'm guessing mjenks could add a few terms to this: