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November 29, 2011

Alright, people.  Listen, I've had a shitty summer.  Literally, though that part was more in the fall than the summer.  But the summer sucked some pretty big sweaty balls, as well.  Unfortunately, it wasn't MY big sweaty balls being sucked.

But, dammit, Winter is almost upon us, with its long nights, chilly days and randomly designated holidays commemorating the births of demigods--try as you might, you're not going to find a damned bit of blasphemy in those words.  It's time for things to start looking up.

And, by golly, would you look at that?  The Winter Solstice for 2011 is on December 22nd.  Isn't that just the bees' knees?  Because my birthday is also on the 22nd of December!  What a co-inky-dink, no?  My fake French accent is believable, no?

You know what they say, right?  That Winter is Coming.  They, of course, being the Starks (or what's left of them...oops, spoilers!) from Game of Thrones.  Remember back about three posts when I translated the mottos of the houses in Game of Thrones into Latin?  Well, Hibernum venit, fututrices!  And with it approaches the anniversary of me sliding out of my mother's birth canal.

*visible shudder*

This is all coming together so well that I think--nay--I feel that I must get this shirt for my birthday:


I mean, I am a fan after all.  And I really don't have enough black and/or charcoal gray t-shirts.  Plus, my birthday is the winter solstice this year!!!  The old gods of the North are trying to tell me something, and I believe that something is to con my friends into buying me a t-shirt.

I'm down to an X-Large, by the way.