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I wish every night could be this cool

October 29, 2006

The other night I had this really cool dream. I loved it, because it involved me being rich and famous and playing basketball and lots of people with British accents, including my bride-to-be.

Aw, shucks, let's get to it!

The dream starts and I'm being picked up by a huge car in England, and I've got bags and packs and everything with a bunch of my clothes and such. And I'm about sixteen years old or so. Some royal guards escort me to the car (they might have just been noble guards, I'm not quite sure, but the whole dream seemed to have a royal sense to it, so I'll stick with them) and when I get inside I meet the chief herald for the queen. It turns out that they wanted to "reestablish" the royal bloodlines and that they had gone through and delineated my geneaology and saw that I was from the line of Prince Llewellyn, the last true prince of Wales (which is true). There were other factors, such as how my ancestry shook out, my age (in the dream) and my intelligence factor...I guess they wanted a smart prince or king or whatever.

Anyway, they take me to the palace where I meet with the queen and she informs me that I will immediately begin "training" so that I can learn the proper ways of the court and all and that she would enroll me in the same private school as her daughter, the princess (whose name never came up). At this point, I met the princess, and she was about a year younger than I am (in the dream) and she's wearing this bright, shimmering silver and white gown with a big stole and she has shortish brown hair and bright green eyes and a few freckles and whatnot. She's cute, but not gorgeous or anything. And she, of course, doesn't like me. I realize that I'm going to have to marry her, so I'm not angry at her or I don't hate her, but I don't resent her.

So then I go off to my rooms and such and I await the guards and the herald to teach me more stuff. And I go through a few lessons and then it's time to go to school. I ride in the same carriage/car as my bride-to-be, and she's sour but not outright mean. We get to the school, and people are pointing and whispering stuff, mostly because I am new and because I'm from America and all. I get to the school, and I have to go to the phys ed class (which I don't even know if they have in Britain) and the lesson for the day was basketball. I'm, of course, the tallest kid in the class and also the best basketball player in the class. Predictably, I dominate the session and score and defend and rebound and block shots and all that wonderful stuff.

After phys ed is lunch, so we're in the common cafeteria and I hear the same whispers and stuff about me, and I go to sit with my intended, since she's the ONLY person I know, and this doesn't please her, but she accepts it. I hear one of her friends say something, but then someone else says, "But you should see him play basketball. He's awesome." I start blushing and her friend says, "Is that true?" and I respond "Well, I was on my team in school back in Indiana, and Indiana is pretty competitive for playing basketball." "He's being modest," my bride-to-be says, and I she smiles at me. Then her friend asks "Well, are you going to be on our team here? We could really use you. And if you're on the team, you can compete on the national under-18 team and maybe we can beat the Germans." "You can't beat the Germans?" I ask. "Our national team is terrible. We always lose to France or Germany and never do anything." So, I stand up and say "I promise you that we will now beat the Germans and the French and I will bring back a championship for you." The entire cafeteria erupts into a frenzied burst or cheering.

So then, some time passes, and my mom shows up to meet the queen and all and we can arrange for the Princess and I to get married. We go to this nice seafood restaurant, but I have to leave because I have to play a game for the school team, and I get to the gym, and they have a drop ceiling in place so I can't shoot the ball from outside, everything has to be up close. I remember turning to one of my team mates and saying "We have to play with a drop ceiling in place? What the hell?" And I distinctly remember winning, and I scored 16 points myself, but the other team only scored 5 altogether, so we won. I don't know the final score but I went back to the restaurant and my mom and the queen were getting along great and I remember the queen had given her this big purple stole. She was very proud.

And then I had another game, and I went to it and the gym was real narrow but it had high ceilings and the fans were right on top of us and everything. I remember playing and dunking a couple of times and I think I remember the princess being there, but I don't remember much else. I'm sure we won, but I began waking up and all so the dream kind of trailed off.

And that was my super awesome exciting dream that I wish I could redream every night for the rest of my life. I do remember at lunch my bride-to-be turning and asking me about sex and that I said I shouldn't discuss such things with a lady, which made her mad. I forgot that part, but I just remembered it. And she was wearing a purple shirt when she asked. And that's pretty much it.