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I'd Like a Little Irish in Me

June 12, 2007

My good friend, Will, over at City of Tiny Lights, posted the results to this little "who's your inner European?". He got Irish, which is expected...after all, there's many a Shannon on the Emerald Isle. And Will embodies the "spirited and boisterous" descriptor, especially after a few rounds of ale (and don't get him started on politics).

In honor of the only man I've ever known who knew the monarchs of England in order and got all of the dates of their rule within a +/- 2 year error set, I felt the need to take the quiz, too.

Your Inner European is Irish!
Sprited and boisterous!You drink everyone under the table.

Here's to you, my fellow inner Mick. Now let's get the mattresses out and start wrestling in the hallway once more...right after drinking another bottle of Whisky.

Please...don't turn your head all funny trying to look up the Irish lass' skirt.


Will Shannon said...

Of course you got Irish, my Celtic brother.

I'm glad I didn't get remember my dislike for the Dutch. Not as much as I hate the Swiss, but close.

Our ancestors came from the "Celtic fringe," the poorest parts of the British Isles that, oh, preserved the ancient knowledge of the Western world (my people) and then went on to give us little parts of the modern world, small stuff like capitalism and the steam engine (your people).

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Yeah, I was really afraid that my answer of chocolate mousse would land me closer to Belgium...and we don't need to go into my issues with the "Bravest of all the Gauls".

My people also gave the world the evacuated dual-layer flask, otherwise known as a Dewar or thermos, which helps keep your beer cold or your coffee warm on those long walks to and from campus.