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Wow, Do We Suck

August 22, 2007

I read something depressing in the hometown newspaper the other day.

My high school (Huntington North) beat local rival high school Homestead in football.

How is that depressing, you ask? It was the first time they had beaten Homestead since 1988.

For reference, I didn't even start high school until 1990. For further reference, none of the kids who play for my high school team were even born the last time HNHS defeated HHS on the gridiron.


The kids were, of course, jubilant. I don't know if they actually realize that nearly a score had passed since there were similar jubilant kids on the field after playing Homestead. And you know what the really pathetic thing is? Homestead's not even the best high school in the area when it comes to football! I mean, sure, they're good, but they're not Snider or Bishop Luers or Bishop Dwenger. Couple that with the fact that Huntington North is one of the biggest schools in the area, and, well, you've got yourself a one-way ticket to Patheticstown.

19 freaking years. I hadn't realized. Christ, Indiana was preparing to defend a national title in basketball the last time the Vikings emerged victorious over the Spartans. The thing is, I don't even remember the last time Huntington North beat Homestead. Back then, all I cared about was basketball and Aleisha Crago's ass (and not necessarily in that order...). Wow. Compound this information with the fact that my cousin Scott went to Homestead and Homestead was in our sectional (used to be regional before realignment), so you can see that football expectations back at the old alma mater were never too high.

Nineteen freaking years. Incidentally, 19 years ago in August, the first night game was played at Wrigley Field. I watched both games (the first game on August 8th, was rained out and it was against the Phillies, I think) on tv. I had plenty of free time because, well, no one really cared about football in my home town and there was plenty of other things to watch.

Like Aleisha Crago's ass.


The Ex said...

I'd be willing to be the kids don't even know what a score is. You nerd! xoxo

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Clearly they don't know what a score is, since they never do it against Homestead.

My senior year, Homestead beat us in Regionals 56-0.