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Let's All Get Our Loot On!

May 21, 2011

It is kind of funny that the song starts with "it starts with an earthquake" and then the next verse after the refrain starts with "six o'clock".

There's also a line in there about "trump tethered".

I wonder if Saint Stipe has had any other visions of the future.

Hedge your bets, say a little prayer, and then join me tonight after it goes down as I tear this mother up looking for some free stuff.


DEZMOND said...

Jenks, I'm leaving you my penguins if the apocalypse arrives tonight. Be good to them even if they eat up all of your secret sardine supplies!

Adam L. said...

Is it possible that the inspiration for today's prediction was this song?

Dude was listening to some R.E.M. and says "yeah, they got it right, man."

Bev said...

You know I'll be here! Maybe I can finally get that flat screen TV I've been wanting.