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I Blame Time Warner Cable

July 28, 2011

My home internet is fucked. That's why this space has been mostly blank. Plus, I have been busy trying my best not to sweat. Epic fail on that part.

I also have to replace my entire air conditioning unit from the compressor to the air handler. And that's been...joyously stress free! I can't tell you just how pleasant this whole situation has been.

Tomorrow is going to be 104, maybe 105. And then Saturday is going to try and top Sunday.

My coinpurse is already sagging a bit more.

I think "In the Out Door" was the winner of the poll (pole...heh). I'll get that taken care of next week. It's not the kind of story you write up on the work-based computer.

And yes, it is probably exactly what you think.

Perspirationally yours, mgj


Anonymous said...

I'm telling you: window unit for a few hours works wonders.

I would say I can't wait until the story's up, but that sounds weird.

SkylersDad said...

good luck getting the AC running and "the boys" back up to where they belong.

Scope said...

We're stuck in a loop.

It rains (Chicago's rainiest July on record). The heat turns that rain into humidity. The humidity and the heat cause instability in the air. The instability leads to thunderstorms and more rain.

Lather, rinse, repeat!

Get that AC fixed, young man.

MJenks said...

I think it was...1993...maybe...when the Mississippi flooded so badly over a lot of Iowa and Illinois. The water there was so much that it was like having a sixth great lake, and so there was that same storm, humidity, storm deal going on. I've seen it before, and I guess we're seeing it again. Stay dry, my friend. Thirsty and dry.

snowelf said...


**big tackley hugs**

okay, that is all for now.



Amber said...

I was watching this show on one of the smart channels on cable not too long ago and it was all about people who can control their body temperature with their minds. Like, I guess there were some mystical Indians who were sitting in some super cold teepee (clearly I wasn't paying that much attention) and after a couple of minutes steam was coming off of their bodies. So, if your AC doesn't get fixed, you could try that. I'm sure you're mystical enough to make it happen.

DEZMOND said...

well even internet needs to be f#@*ed sometimes, nobody can live without sex :PPP

It was 121F last week in my area, so those 104 sound peachy to me :P