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July 23, 2006

So, I looked over the chapter I posted previously. All of Jane's lines were supposed to be underlined. Her communication with the animals is supposed to be more like a psionic connection and not physical speech. I was hoping underlines/italics would provide that for me (in manuscript and book form, respectively). I'm sorry I didn't catch that oversight earlier.

Anyway, I'm tired, and you've (hopefully) got a lot to read. I did keep cranking on chapter nine and seven (the human chapter that is turning out to be a bitch to write!), so I feel proud of myself. Suddenly the words and the situations are just pouring from my fingertips. It's all those thoughts that bubbled up through my mind during the long car ride to and from Indiana.

Word Count: 36216
Page Count: 119

I also changed the name of the Boar Clan leader (again) and have named the Crow Clan leader, finally. "Shortmaul" is the name of the Boar Clan leader and Eboncap is the leader of the Crow Clan. Also, if you've read the prologue, I've thought of a couple of minor changes I want to make...mostly names of places and such.

I bought a sketch pad today. I have some ideas of other things to keep my entertained. I'll still write, I promise. but now there might be some pictures, too.