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July 16, 2006

Sorry about the last post. I was playing around with the variables of font and size and all that. Whee. I know. But I'm OCD enough that that matters.

Well, to keep myself out of the basement and unchained from a word processor and a bucket (call of nature and all), I thought I'd provide a couple of things, like word counts and page counts and all that hoo-ha.

So, chapter eight is almost all done. Skulk is a trooper. He's still my favorite, as I said earlier, and he's really fun to write. I like it how sometimes he just goes off and refers to himself in the third person or stands around talking to himself. I would stay up to finish the chapter, but I've got to go grocery shopping in the morning and take the kids to a baseball game tomorrow night. So, Sleepy Karl you cheeky bastard, you win again!

Word Count: 33223
Page Count: 110

My main problem is, I don't like how chapter seven starts. I write two or three pages there, and then I delete them. That's the most frustrating. I know EXACTLY how I want to write the back end of the chapter, but I can't get there from anywhere. Maybe I should just write the butt end and go back and stare at the screen until something pulls at my fancy. I think that might be worth a shot tomorrow.

Also, I'm not planning on it (so don't think I'm abandoning anything) BUT, I do have a story that could be a follow up for "The Boar War" if it does well. I settled on a title, too: "A Crown of Feathers". It would still deal with Jane and Michael and Skulk (and I'm sure Redear would be involved, though I know what happens to him at the end of the Boar War, so he might not be available for duty...we'll leave it at that).

I have several beers I need to add to my list, as well. The trip to Indiana was a roaring success beer-wise. I found one brewed in Kentucky. It was called "Horse Piss Beer". A little tongue-in-cheek, probably...but also a little true. It was a typical American lager, nothing special. Plenty of adjuncts. Whee! But, did have some good stuff from the Nine G brewery in South Bend. Keep up the good work, fellaz. A better account when I get all that stuff sorted and filed away. I promise. I might be up to 350 or greater. 400 by year's end? Perhaps...

And, yes, I'll have more writing to report upon. And even a treat this week. I promise.