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A Note to Mike McCarthy

October 8, 2007

If you have your foot on someone's throat, don't pick your foot up. If you rack up 340 yards of offense against someone with a banged up secondary you go with the pass more. You don't give a steady diet of draws and end arounds that the defense constantly sniffs out. Your painfully conservative playcalling in the second half and clock mismanagement in both halves was positively Willinghamian. You're a moron. You won four in a row to start the season by unleashing Favre's arm. Mixing in the run was nice, but when the run didn't work, don't be effing bullheaded and keep going back to it when it doesn't work!

And for the NFL: Teach your damned referees to count to twelve already.

Oh yeah, fuckin' Cubs.


Chemgeek said...

We, the casual fan, can see incompetent coaching from a million miles away. The only other possibility is that we are morons and don't understand football at all. I'm inclined to believe the former.

My gripe is, against the Packers two weeks ago, Adrian Peterson (the Vikings top offensive weapon) was given the ball only 12 times even though he was averaging almost 10 yards a carry. Why do you stop giving him the ball?? WHY???

Don't these coaches get it? Is it really like when Monty Burns pulled D. Strawberry from the softball game and replaced him with Homer because he wanted to play a right hander even though Strawberry was guaranteed to hit a grand slam to win the game? These coaches seem like they over-coach too much sometimes.

Don't stop doing what is working.

I remember coaching a girls flag football game in high school. We had one good player and did the same play on every down. Sweep left, sweep right, repeat... It worked every time and we won.

Sometimes I just don't understand professional coaches.

Thanks for the chance to gripe