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More Local Stupidity

November 21, 2007

Ah, yes. I've brought you idiotic comments via the local sportstalk folks before. I thought I'd add these, as well.

Today's idiocy is once again courtesy of ACC fanboy David Glenn, who has been the inspiration for many a rant and laughter thanks to the dribble running unchecked from his lips.

Also key on this is Adam Gold, whom I once thought okay and decent enough that I'd have a beer with him. But now I realize he's just too dumb.

Both comments key on Butch Davis's future (giggle) at North Carolina.

From Adam Gold (paraphrasing): "I really don't think that Butch Davis would leave UNC to coach at his [i]alma mater[/i], even if they offer him money like Nick $aban is getting at Alabama (the number $3.5 million/year was tossed about). All UNC has to do is upgrade the facilities, and that'll be enough to keep Davi$ in Chapel Hill." This was in respect to people looking to give Davi$ a contract extension, after a 3-win season (I sure as hell hope Duke wins this weekend).

From David Glenn (paraphrasing): "If UNC hurries up with the upgrades to the facilities and the expansion of the stadium, Davis won't go anywhere. I also haven't heard anything about Houston Nutt's future at Arkansas." Oh really, Dave? What about this? Sounds like Coach Nutt (once rumored to be on Notre Dame's radar back in the Davie era) is getting a wee bit defensive. Perhaps you could have read your employer's blog.

Seriously, guys? You don't think Davi$ will go chasing the dollar signs at his [i]alma mater[/i]? The guy who walked out on one of the most talented football teams ever assembled...without winning the national championship? Seriously? Because he has six years left on his deal with UNC? And he will always play second fiddle to Roy Williams? Really? You think he's not going to say "Thanks for reminding the better programs about my name, Tarheels. It's been fun."

My favorite argument: "If he really wanted the Arkansas job, he wouldn't have come to UNC." Yeah, like when he got fired in Cleveland, he laid his head down on his pillow at night and said, "Wow, if only I could coach at a third-tier school in a second-rate conference known for basketball, I'd be a happy man." Whatever gets you through the day, fellaz.


Hap said...

I can hear the station manger now: "Drug test! Right now! I can smell the weed in here, and you really need to stop leaving pills on the console..."

NC recruits one good player a decade, and the ability to recruit is probably what makes the difference between good and mediocre or bad programs. Recruits aren't likely to come to NC, so it's unlikely that BD can use NC to jumpstart his career, and it also means that unless NC starts paying players handsomely, he'll go somewhere else where he can actually attract football players when he has the chance.

Of course, Arkansas is the garden spot of the SEC - Texas on its left, Alabama on its right, and a competitive conference that would beat its teams down to earth quickly when they actually are OK, so AR is unlikely to be a good place for BD to go (perhaps anyone, other than an already top-ranked coach). Maybe the commentators aren't as stupid as I thought - BD probably can't find as good a gig elsewhere as NC. In a more competitive conference, he would have too much competition for recruits, and his coaching might be exposed. Unless the Mountain West comes calling (where he can perhaps roll up big numbers and then get beaten silly by a good team in a bowl game), he'll stay at NC and probably continue to suck.