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May 16, 2008

...I'm still hanging around!

*rimshot*taps microphone*

Seriously, is this thing on?

I haven't felt very write-y lately. Plus, anything that I would have penned would have been desultory posts bemoaning the sad state of affairs inside my flasks in my hood, and no one really wants to read that. So, most nights I've been sitting around feeling sorry for myself (case in point...the other night, I had a pint of Phish Food for dinner...yes, Dr. C, I'm serious about losing weight!), plus last night I had no cable, no computer and no phone. So, not only did I not get to lose myself in television (I missed the season finale of Smallville *sigh*), I also didn't get to cruise around the interwebs, answering trivia questions on my quest to a million (fifteen questions at a time...), and I wasn't able to call any of you, so if your phone didn't ring, that's why. Blame Time Warner Cable.

I will insert here that I have yet to hear from the agent, which means I haven't been rejected yet. Sweet. There is a note on their website saying that they are very busy right now, so I'm being patient. It's a virtue, and given the past few weeks, I need all the virtue I can get.

Anyway, I'm coming out of my chemically-induced haze funk, so I'll be doing a bit more updating. If I could blog on the commute in during the mornings, you would have gotten three today (at some point, I'm going to get an ipod and listen to podcasts on my way in, รก la Rider's suggestion). This also means a lot more gratuitous images of Leelee Sobieski.
Mmmm...gratuitous Leelee Sobieski...


Rider said...

I thought I would do more blogging when I added a mobile email application to my cell ('cuz you can send emails to Blogger which instantly publish), but one of my unwritten rules is to include at least image with each post. That complicates matters.

Where are all your Leelee images coming from? How many can there be?

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Believe it or not, I just do a google search for images of her. I mix it up sometimes and go with her full name, or just her first or last name since they are somewhat stand alone. Sometimes I'll add in extra words like "dress" or "lying down" and I get different images in different orders.

As for how many there are...she's an attractive starlet who looks good without a bra. I'm guessing a practical use of Avagadro's number would give you a ballpark figure.

As for the images...I agree. I like adding the images into my posts. I need to get clever like you and figure out the hovertext application, mostly because it will amuse me to no end to add in little extra obscure references to my borrowed images.

Rider said...

Click over into the HTML of your post and add the following between the alt="" and border="0" of your image's code:


You insert your mouseover caption between those quotes (keeping in mind you can't use quotation marks as part of the text).

Welcome to a whole new world of snarky comments!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I meant to bug you about this earlier, as I appreciate the extra level of snark brought to the Block by the hovertext. I'll try doing that in the future.