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Celerity and Alacrity...neither of which you will find at Durham Regional

June 13, 2006

Apparently, I went to a really lousy ER the other night. My wife heard it from a fellow in a wheelchair which comes to her store quite often that Durham Regional = bad, Duke = better. However, Durham Regional hasn't washed surgical instruments in hydraulic fluid nor have they mistakenly given a little girl the wrong heart and lungs for a transplant. At least they haven't done both in the past three years.

Anyway, many thanks to Mr. (soon to be Dr.) Will Shannon for his wishes for my speedy recovery. I'm hoping to have this thing taken out this week or next. I need to call my doctor and get his thoughts on this.

On to the updates! I've finished chapter six. I jumped ahead. Over the weekend, I wrote in chapters four, five, six and seven. I bounced back and forth (like Skulk on an acid trip) and expanded all four of them by several pages, but I couldn't get into any one chapter and form a "groove". So, I worked on all of them, switching whenever the mood or an idea grabbed me and I felt the need to do it. So, chapters one, two, three and six are done. I pushed the "original" six back to seven, which is my second human-based chapter (after one) and introduces the Sunderman House, which is about the only truly noble and honorable house left in the northern kingdom. We also get a peek at the regent...and he's a piece of work, let me tell you.

Anyway, here's the updated numbers:
Word count: 27770
Page count: 91

If you're going on those numbers, by what I'm shooting for, by the words, I'm about a third to a quarter done. By the pages, I'm about 1/6 to 1/7 done. but, in all honesty, the work is done when I say so. I need to pick out an epilogue (since I have a prologue...which is also done). I think it should probably be a "legend" like I started with. It should be short. It might focus on the fate of the Boar Clan, since they're the boggarts that start this whole mess.

Oh well. Random thoughts at the end there.

In case anyone else is keeping track...I also had beers number 350 and 351. Sam Adams White Ale and Butte Creek Winter Ale. The White was very tasty. I can see how these wheat ales are linked to summer. Fresh and crisp and spicy. Very good. Well done, Jim Koch!


conan said...

your building more suspense that harry potter in me. I wanna read your book. :O

Will Shannon said...

Of course you won't find celery is a hospital not a greengrocers, you know.

Oh, celerity. Sorry.

shortone_ said...

Just checking in. I demand more updates *stern glare*

*heads back to guard KoT thread over at YT*