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A Series of Unfortunate Stones

June 9, 2006

Wonder where I've been in a while? Probably not, since there's only one other person who reads this other than me.

Anyway, I went to the ER last night with gall stone-related pain. At least I thought it was gall stones. The doctor on call seemed to think it was something else, since my blood didn't show any lipase or amylase level increases. My urine never turned that bright orange color, either. And she told me "gall stone attacks only last for 30 minutes or so, not eight hours." I thought "Maybe you think I should get the old gall bladder taken out, since I've had a sonogram telling me that it's full of stones?" But, in my morphine-induced state, I couldn't argue with her. I just went with her recommendation. But I will call the surgeon she recommended and perhaps get it taken out then.

So, that's why I've been gone. Been ill. Not just me, but the whole family has been sick. Lots of vomiting, lots of just bleh. So, I've gotten a little writing done, but not much.

However, the kids are gone. They left today, shortly after I came home from the hospital. They're going to Oklahoma for a couple of weeks and then we'll see them again in Indiana when we go up there at the end of the month. That will free my time in the evenings for more writing, so I'm hoping to take better advantage of the next couple of weeks while I am basically home alone for a while.

I have been working on chapter four, which kind of works the two main characters together. Redear and Jane are now travelling, and Skulk is keeping with them. The clansmoot, which is being held at Greatback's Grave, is in this chapter. And then next chapter is battle scene. Once I get past all the talking, it'll be action and the words will just fly onto the page/screen/whatever.

Word count: 24138
Page count: 79


Will Shannon said...

Hope you feel better, man. My dad had gall stones when I was a kid and it was not cool.

Just lemme know about the end of the month.

Again, feel better.