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August 1, 2006

I will admit, my momentum was shattered last week. I had been going well, writing and pushing forward. I was rather pleased, and then suddenly the wheels came off the proverbial wagon. I think staring at some deadlines at work kind of threw that penny on the tracks, if you get the vague allusion. Also, trying to figure out what to do with my gall bladder surgery (which was supposed to take place on Thursday, the 3rd) caused more trouble than good (I cancelled it by the way, for a variety of reasons, most of which involved timing and the fact that I really need about five grams (x2) of two different vinyl triflates by the end of this week...).

So, I haven't updated in a while. This isn't to say I haven't been working. It's just been a bit slower than I would have liked. In a different twist, however, the reason my productivity has plunged has had nothing to do with video gaming. I'm rather proud of myself. I blame most of it on the heat, and my tall-ass yard that is suffering from too much rain, too much heat, and a broken lawnmower.

I have gotten things, done, however. Not just around the house (I am almost finished with the remodeling of two of my bathrooms) but also in my book. I completed a chapter. Small victory, one might think, but even small victories are victories. However, the bigger coup has been finally settling on a beginning for the afore-damned chapter 7. That's not the chapter I completed. However, I do have five pages of words on a screen for 7 (the last paragraph I wrote in it, I don't like, so that will be changed). And, I've almost finished chapter 5, which is the big battle scene. There are some intense moments in it, and I've enjoyed writing it. It really flowed well once I got caught up in the moment. Now it's slowly winding down and Redear has to make his choice, so I am hoping that sleeping on it will help me help him make the right one. I've also started chapter 10, which was actually the back half of chapter 7 that I had started to write, but then decided it fit into the story better as its own, standalone chapter. I also started chapter 11 today, which is another chapter of Redear and Jane. Chapter 12 is soon on the horizon, as well, which is one of those pivotal chapters in the book. I've got a few notes jotted down about it. I'm excited, because it will use my "vast" "knowledge" of wildflowers that I've been accumulating over the past few months.

So, here's the numbers. I've rambled on enough. I need some sleep. Damned alcohols don't oxidize themselves (well, not without some metal added to the mix...).

Word Count: 42462 (almost halfway there!!!!)
Page Count: 140

My task for tomorrow will be to finish chapter 5 and perhaps work on 11 or 7 more. Or start 12. I'm giddy about that one. I guess.


Crystal said...

Small victories are better than no victories, right? ;-)