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August 20, 2006

I've started with this whole "goals" concept in my writing. Well, it's in a lot of things I've been doing lately, but for purposes here, we'll focus on the book-writing.

My goal for this past week I set kind of low: Finish either chapter 12 or 13 and get to 50,000 words.

It's a very fufilling thing when you finish a chapter. It's even more fulfilling when that chapter helps you reach a goal you've set for yourself.

So, here's the numbers:
Word Count: 52591
Page Count: 173

As you can see, I'm progressing nicely.

So, my goal for this week: Finish 13 (I chose to do twelve, since it was a battle scene), start a new chapter, finish an old chapter (probably shooting for chapter 11 here), and get to 65,000 words. Now, that's 13,000 more words than I have now, so I'm assuming that I'm going to have another couple of chapters either started and/or completed in there somewhere. Now that I've woven two pieces of my plotline together, I need only to get them to one place and get the two other main plotlines moving toward the final showdown (I've already started with one of mine...I'm thinking chatper 14 or 15 should be the other leg moving toward the final showdown site).

All of this should be doable, which means that I could be about two thirds of the way done by the end of August.

I guess that means I should stop updating and start writing!

Right after I start another load of laundry.


Will Shannon said...

That title is simply hilarious.