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Yes, All is Right with the World

November 15, 2006

Indiana 55, Butler 60.

Yep, Indiana returned to form last night, pissing away a 12-point lead and allowing a team with far less athleticism, size and talent to beat them. Yes, the officiating was piss-poor. Yes, three of Indiana's top players sat for a few minutes with 4 fouls each. Yes, you were getting jobbed right and left out there. But the game wasn't lost there, it was lost on the successive times they came down on fast breaks and either pissed or threw the ball away or forced a lousy shot rather than resetting the offense, burning some clock and maintaining the lead. I realize that a fast break bucket might have broken Butler's back at that point in time, but it's tough to lead a fast break when it's 2 on 3 or 2 on 4.

Bah. All is right with the world.