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An Update on the Updates

April 16, 2007

I'm trying to get through to someone to fix my power at home. It went out this morning around 10:00 am or so. It's not yet back on, but "crews are working on my outage" and yet "there is no timetable as to when your power will be back on." I need to get a hamster and a big wheel.

Sorry for the extended absence, but I took the last four days off. Last week was my daughter's spring break, and we went to the zoo (what a disappointment) on Thursday and then did some shopping and cleaning on Friday and Saturday. I did manage to wedge some more writing in during that time, as well.

I'm not at home, however (obviously, since there's no power there...and no promise of power), but if I do get power this evening, I've sworn to NOT sleep until I have finished the chapter on which I'm currently working. Things have fallen into place, and now I can finish this one and move on toward another chapter. And, I've started writing the climactic battle scenes at the end, so all is good. Things are wrapping up nicely.

In the meantime, feel free to check out a couple of other new blogs I've linked to recently. Ex-Everything is run by the lovely and talented Hottsmugirl from, also known as Kiraa and the girl who made me wet my pants last week when she posted in my comments section. Though I don't agree with her take on music, there are some lovely pictures of her pussy for everyone to enjoy. And, I must say, it's very cute. (That's what you get for pointing out R.E.M.'s shortcomings!)

The other new link is Soupe du Jour, which is run by my very good friend and former room mate Steve Giles. This is great because Steve's recently gone through culinary school and is now working as a sous-chef (I believe) and he seems to be enjoying it quite a bit. Not only that, but he's touched on some great things like the history of spices and their uses in cultures and such. Hopefully there will be more of this in the future, but it's his blog, let him run with it. But, me being the chemistry and food dork that I am (I just finished R. Wolke's second food chemistry book), have found Steve's first two posts to be quite enjoyable. See, that's what happens when you DON'T knock R.E.M.

As for more, hopefully I will have power tonight and I will be able to finish up the chapter I'm currently typing and then I will post about it, as well. Otherwise, I'm just going to have to lay down on that fine new mattress I bought over the weekend.