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Happy MMVIII!!!

January 2, 2008

Good New Year to all reader(s)! I hope that you weathered the storm of booze and bad television on Monday night to ring in the New Year. I, myself, enjoyed a lovely coffee-based beverage (which is about the only type of brewed beverage my GI system can handle anymore) and muted Carson Daly for most of the evening while reading a book (okay...graphic novel...but it's really well-written) until the final few moments before midnight when I turned on to hear a very sick-sounding Dick Clark countdown the last few moments of 2007. I then turned back to the sport year-in-review thing on ESPN that Sportscenter was running.

I was going to write up a little story about my most memorable New Year's experience, and then I realized I didn't have one. I spent nearly every New Year's with my parents at home, even when I got to the drinking age. I did, one year (1999) go down to Indianapolis where I went "clubbing" with four women. The most exciting thing about that was that we ended up at Steak 'n Shake at 5 am eating breakfast and then went home and slept for a few hours and then I woke up, my friend Jenn peeked over the balcony upstairs and said "I just turned on the weather...we need to leave, like, NOW!" A huge snowstorm was gunning for Indiana and it was rolling into the southwest quadrant of the city. Fortunately, we were on the northeast side, and we beat it out of town...barely. I always kind of felt like Lando Calrissian flying out of the second Death Star with the flames and everything licking around the outside of the Falcon...except it was snow and ice doing the licking.

Around Marion the snow caught up with us (we were traveling from Indy to Fort Wayne) and slowed our progress. Fortunately, we didn't have to pull over and eat body parts or anything to survive. We made it home safely. And, I guess I just told you my New Year's Eve story. The following year was 2000, and I had to stay home with my family because, you know, the world was ending. My mom was convinced that civilization would grind to a halt. It sort of did for us because our cable was out, which my mom did blame on the imminent end o' the world. My dad wouldn't let me sneak off to the bathroom and throw the breaker box at the stroke of midnight. My now ex-sister-in-law noticed that midnight had fallen and we missed the new year by five minutes. And we all lived. Fancy that.

So there. TWO stories for the price of none. And with that, I'll sign this entry done and get around to telling you all how I'm going to better myself later ( involves buying a scale).

Happy New Year...a day or so late, but the sentiment is still there.

EDIT: I changed the title of the post. It no longer reads '28'. It's now '2008'. Thanks to the buxom and comely Boudicca for that fix.


Chemgeek said...

On New Years Eve 2000 (i.e. the biggest New Years of the millenium) we were with some friends. With 10 minutes before the world ended, we decided to turn the TV on to get an "official" countdown. We assumed that since hitting 2000 was such a big deal, every station would be running something.

All we got on TV was Home Improvement reruns. Anti-climatic indeed. We just guessed when it officially became 2000.