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When I'm Wrong, I'm Wrong

January 17, 2008

Apparently, yesterday, I learned that, as a scientist, I can be wrong from time to time. Shocking. So, I thought I'd own up to a few things I might have written recently that were dead-in-the-water wrong. Such as the seminal "NC State sucks!" blog from last week. In it, I incorrectly reported that Courtney Fells was out for the game against Carolina. He was in, and what an impact he had. I think he hit the shot that gave them 13 points at the half as opposed to 11. This, of course, while Carolina was hovering around 43 points. Nothing makes me smile quite like a Wolfpack beat down of epic proportions. And if that wasn't epic, then it was getting close to it. So, Wolfpack fans, sorry that I misrepresented the state of your team. Also, I'm sorry that your program is a fourth-tier team in what once was the best conference in the country. Oh, by the way, Arizona State is #22 in the land.

Also, last year about this time, I wrote about the end of an era in Green Bay. Well, I was wrong. And I couldn't be happier. Watching Favre stumble and underhand toss a pass that was able to gain the first down was in a word (said through my green-and-gold filter) awesome. The snowball throwing was a nice touch. And though I won't make any bold predictions about this weekend's game, I will remind a certain quarterback that it doesn't get down to 8 degrees in the bayou. Oh wait, that's both of the quarterbacks. So, I'll just kindly ask Eli to return to the Eli of old. But, hey, thanks for beating the Cowboys. Not that I was afraid of them, it's just that I'm sick of seeing Tony Romo. Anyway, you should all know who I'm rooting for on Sunday night.

Aside from the Colts choking it at home last weekend, it was a pretty good sports weekend for the Jenks household. My dreams of a Colts/Packers Super Bowl probably went up in smoke when Dwight Freeney went down with the injury, but oh well. Here's to hoping that the Patriots' D turns him into Philip "Belichek's Bitch" Rivers this weekend. Mouthy little shit. If the Colts could have gotten any pass rush on that arrogant little punk, the game would have been a lot different. Alas, they didn't...and now we have to hear about the inspired play of Philip Rivers with his bad knee (note, I'm not giving the booing of the Patriots fan any play, since that shit has been way over-hyped and run into the ground...yeah, they booed, but it wasn't like it was malicious, and it wasn't like it was a raining chorus coming down on her head, and she was laughing about it anyway. She wasn't booed off the field. She certainly wasn't running away crying. She was wearing a Brady jersey. Do you think she'd get booed anywhere else in the league? Jesus. Give it a rest.).

I didn't get to watch the second half of the Indiana game this weekend (nor most of the first half, since it was about ten minutes straight of commercials between the end of the SD/Ind game and the switching of the broadcast to the basketball game), but I will say (again) that I'm sick of Bruce Weber. Whine whine whine. Quack quack quack. You're an annoying little orange and blue duck. Rather than whine about the refs, maybe you should teach your kids how NOT to get beat by the likes of the mighty Tennessee State Tigers on your home court. That being said, Indiana needs to learn how to avoid letdowns on nights when Gordon's head is not fully in the game and/or the referees are calling traveling/palming really tight (which I've seen in a few games this year where they're keying on Gordon). I think their ranking is just about right, though. I can't say they're better than, like, 7, but I don't think they're worse than 12. That's just my thoughts, at least.


Chemgeek said...

My Golden Rodents almost took one from Indiana last night. Clearly, Gordon was not mentally in the game. A foul VERY early and a few more to follow seemed to take him out of the game. He has to learn to not let the refs take him out of the game.

Indiana played a sloppy game. Minnesota almost took advantage of it. But alas, being able to make baskets is rather important. They didn't do this.

Still, the Tubby Euphoria continues in MN. Last year this game would have been a 20 point blow out. Respectability may be on the way....