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I'm So Tired...

April 1, 2008

I haven't been posting a lot lately. My kids went to visit their grandparents last week for spring break, and I've been doing a lot of work around the house trying to get it ready to put on the market so we can move. Exhaustion has been, well, an understatement, to be honest. There's still a lot to do. I have to finish hanging the baseboards in the bathroom downstairs. I have a few more screws to screw into the shutters on the second story. I have to pound some edgers down into the ground around one of the beds I made at the back of the house and I have to finish putting the edging in on the bed I made at the side of the house, plus I need to put down some more mulch and some more stones in various beds. This is not to mention all the mowing and edging I need to get done, too. I guess I just need to find the right tools for the jobs at hand.

On top of this, I'm starting up a new project at work. It's fun, but it's got some tougher chemistry involved, plus, I've got so much to read when it comes to papers and such. There's a whole bunch of biology to learn, there's biological tests and assays I have to familiarize myself with, and then there's just the new chemistry that has to be learned (I did a Baeyer-Villager the other day...and it was fucking sweet).

The thing that's tired me out the most, though, is the whole writing thing. It's not that I have a lack of topics swirling around in my mind; quite the opposite, to be honest. But, also, honestly, it's tough to find the time. I just put the kids down to bed and I still have to gather up the trash and take it out and straighten up the kitchen. By the time I'm done with that, it'll be well after nine, and already I need to start getting ready for tomorrow when I get to do it all over again.

The thing that I'm most tired of, though, is rejection. Yeah, I got two more emails this week telling me thanks but no thanks. Or whatever the form rejection is these days. It's not us, it's you. It's just not what we're looking for. Grow a larger copulation organ now. All of that crap. It's soul-crushing. I realize you have to keep trying, but I've been working on these things now for years. Too many years to even think about, because when I do, I just get depressed more. I've progressed very well on the whole Hundred Kings Saga thing, but now I'm getting to the point of wondering why should I even bother? I pour my heart and soul into carefully crafting a land and characters to populate the land and all the other subtle little nuances that breathe life into a set of words and make them a person and all I get is "Sorry, no."

I guess the big problem is that I'm tired of the form letter. You know, you could at least put my name in the title of the email. "Dear Author" just doesn't cut it. Blegh. Thanks for carefully considering my book/letter/synopsis. Next time, introduce yourself right before you kick me in the nuts, okay?

Maybe I'm slitting my own throat with this post, but I just don't care anymore. I just don't. I'm out. I'll probably keep working on the stories, but they'll be all mine. I'll be happy with the way they end and how they work out. But, I won't cry over the little details that I've worked in only to have some heartless assistant send me a form rejection letter. Screw that. I don't need that stress on top of it. That's right, I'm giving up. Even though we didn't give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, I'm giving up now.

So, this is the end. I'm getting out of the writing business, for a long while. That means things will slow down here even more. Don't worry, I'll still be puttering around your sites (I mean, I have to have something to do between reading ring-closing metathesis papers) and still providing my soulful wit in your comments sections. But, for the most part, I've ridden off into the sunset.

Thanks, all. It's been fun.


I'll let Bender say the rest.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

April Fool's.

I figured my readership was too smart to fall for anything corny. You probably didn't fall for this, either.

Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. Except Wake Forest in a couple of weeks/months.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

OK, so this is what I was going to write BEFORE I saw the April fools post....
NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO STOP WRITING!!! I'm sorry, but I'm a selfish B-otch and enjoy your posts way too much for you to be allowed to stop writing.

Next time I am going to copy and paste a form letter! You got me!!

Joel D. Timm said...

I read this on the 3rd, so I was way past the April Fool's thing, then I saw that you were hanging it up. Crap, don't quit on me now was all I was thinking. Keep it at it, your readers will miss you, and one of these publishers will give you a shot.

Remember even Harry Potter was rejected at a publisher, sometimes I wonder if that assistant got fired for sending her that form letter.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I take it this means that you've survived the visit by friends and such, right?

Sorry, Lisa. But it did make me smile to think that at least one person fell for it. Sorry it had to be you.

Frank said...

I would've fallen for it, except a similar thing was done on one of the other blogs I read. When I reached the end of the post, I went back up to the top to verify the date, just to make sure. When I get around to submitting my book proposal, I'll make sure it's written on dirty, tattered paper, with a bit of blood splashed across the cover. Sure, they may eventually reject it, but at least their first thought will be, "Damn, this guy is serious!"

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Frank: This "other blog" that you read...did it feature a weasel slinging chemicals, Bluto Blutarsky, Homer Simpson, Bender or a nekkid chick wearing a tool belt?

Lisa-tastrophies said...

OK, "New Guy" wants me to get a copy of the "inspirational" tool-belt you have on this link. Is there anyway I would talk you into sending me a copy? At this point I will do just about anything to get the dishwasher fixed.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Sorry, New Guy, all I can do is point you toward the Google search I did in order to get the picture. Just put in "sexy tool belt" and then it and several other "inspirational" pictures pop up.

Unless, of course, he's talking about Bender. Then I can help out with that.