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Ruby Vroom

April 21, 2008

Sorry for the delay. It's been a bit hectic around here of late. Currently, a full half of the household is afflicted with some bronchial/pneumonic/allergy plague (that would be the younger half) and I'm going mad with the constant, continuous coughing [1]. It sounds like a fricking sanitorium around here.

I was also, you know, remiss to remove the picture of the lovely Leelee Sobieski off the top page of my blog. Plus, after Lisa-tastrophies suggested casting Leelee as Princess Leia, I about passed out thinking about Leelee in a Slave Girl Outfit. Tasty. Then it suddenly hit me: gratuitous Leelee Sobieski pictures![2] Not to mention, I'm still really just in absolute love with the idea of Kevin Smith directing remakes of Star Wars. I don't even care if Yoda spouts out "Snoochie booches!" instead of "Concentrate!" when he's on Luke's back while giving Luke his Jedi training during The Empire Strikes Back. Seriously, Harvey Weinstein, get this done.

Speaking of movies...did you guys (and fine ladies) know that there's a live-action G.I.Joe movie in the works? Makes sense after Transformers (which I still haven't seen, more on principle than anything else) and all, since for some reason the two are inexorably linked (at least in my mind). Anyway, I found out after coming across the following picture while reading one of my favorite new blogs, Pfangirl:
As Pfangirl put it: Wow, a hot girl in a leather cat suit. No one has thought that up before! (I paraphrase).

After a bit of due-diligence (read: reading blogs), I discovered that said hot girl is named Rachel Nichols, who apparently is a popular blonde actress from the tv show Alias and some other movies which I've never seen. At first, I was confused. I mistook her for ESPN's sultry slice of NFL coverage, who actually has red hair. You can imagine my confusion. Also, didn't Scarlett wear an outfit that was much more yellow and much less black? And just where the hell is she supposed to keep extra bolts for her crossbow? On second thought, maybe I don't want to know.

Rachel Nichols...

...and more Rachel Nichols.

One final update, we won't be putting the house up for sale this spring. The realtor came out and looked at the house and basically said the following: "The interior looks awesome, the yard and the landscaping look great, the exterior of the house looks like shit." Again, I paraphrase. So, I'll be busy here in the next few months scraping and repainting trim, replacing rotting wood, replacing damaged siding, reglazing exterior windows and touching up parts of the paint where it has peeled away from the house (I have a bad feeling I'll be painting the whole damned thing in the fall). If I can get a weekend where it doesn't rain and/or drop below 40 degrees, I'll be able to get a bulk of that stuff done.

Oh, and major announcement coming later in the week.

[1]: I loves me some alliteration.
[2]: If you think it's easy to find a picture of Leelee Sobieski that won't trip the porn filter at your work, think again. Oh, and, yes, I am encouraging goofing off on my blog while at work. Deal (hi, Amanda).
[3]: I didn't put a three, but see if you can catch the obscure pop culture reference from the title and how it fits into this entry. No fair using Wikipedia.


Chemgeek said...

I'm starting to read this blog just for the pictures.

Rider said...

Rachel Nichols showed up on my radar when she played an FBI profiler on a short-lived show called "The Inside." She's not a bad actress for a former model.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I'm starting to write the blog just for the pictures...

I have nothing against Rachel Nichols, it's just that I don't think I've ever seen anything with her in it. Plus, I found it somewhat slightly amusing that she shares a name with the ESPN reporter. Not like that ever happens;just ask a certain horticulture professor at Purdue.

Chemgeek said...

I must mention, I also love the Kevin Smith idea. Of course, "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" is the essence of Star Wars, so it's like he's already redone it... or something.

All I know is (besides the fact that I am at this very moment having "Gen Chem exam question writers block") that Lucas is shitty with dialog. Really, really shitty.

OK, back to the exam.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

I have to differ. Kat Beckensale holds the record for the best use of black skin tight latex/leather/whatever. Underworld gave men the vampire willies and drove us women into Weight Watchers.

I want Kevin Smith to direct the new version just so I can see if he can get any porn references past the "galaxy far far away" censors...

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

This is true about Kate Beckinsale. A friend of mine and I actually came to a rather quick agreement that leather pants were pretty much invented with her in mind.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is, of course, a Star Wars parody. But I think if Kevin Smith sat down and really wanted to write it out, he'd do a damned good job.

The weakest part of George Lucas' repertoire as a writer is his weak dialog. I think the abilities of some of the actors (Alec Guinness, Harrison Ford, James Earl Jones) and their abilities to deliver the lines, no matter how weak, saved the scenes at all.