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September 14, 2010

I'm a fairly tall individual. I'm a hair under six foot four inches...although, with my hair growing longer now and piling up on my head, I might be at six foot four even.

Being tall has many, many perks. Among them, there's being struck by lightning, being the first to get shat upon by birds, and the ever-present danger of your forehead meeting low lintels of doorways and poorly-hung ceiling decorations. Lamps, those fouls beasts, are the bane of my frontal bone's existence.

There are some actual advantages to being tall. The ability to peer down shirts is one of them.

And it's something I've been taking advantage of since the sixth grade.

A conversation I had with my best friend, the Brewing Optometrist, some time around the 11th grade:

Me: Dude, I think I just saw Rebecca Scanlan's belly button.

TBO: So?

Me: From above.

TBO: Bastard!

And so it was during my formative years and on into college. Spy some cleavage and grab an extra peek. I've enjoyed the view of many a curved, round breast in my day, peering down into the dark crevices hidden by her shirt. What a glorious thing it is to be tall.

Except...there was this one time, when I was a senior in high school. I was friends with one of the finest specimens of femininity there ever was to grace the halls of Huntington North High School. Her name was Jodi Hippensteel and she had tits as big as planetoids. It was as if the gravity of her shirt had captured a pair of asteroids and their combined gravity was enough to hold them there, jiggling back and forth wherever she went. Back in the day, I'm sure if you would have looked up "huge and perky" in the dictionary, there would have been a picture of Jodi Hippensteel, circa 1993.

You'd need a life vest to motorboat those babies. Unfortunately, she did not have a ripe, round apple of an ass to go with Emmet Otter's Jug Band in her shirt. This allowed me to focus all my attention where it needed to be.

I also just learned, thanks to the marvels of the internets, that Jodi was living in South Bend at the same time I was at Notre Dame. Universe, I'm trying not to hate you right now.

Have I digressed? Probably, but it was a happy place. Mostly.

Anyway, Jodi and I were pretty good friends. Perhaps not the finest of friends; certainly I was never invited over to spend the night at her house, painting her toenails (dammit), but we were friends.

One day, in physics class, my friend Jodi was wearing this ridiculously tight red-and-white checked shirt. It probably best fit her in the second grade, but no one was complaining. Least of all me, and my two friends sitting next to me in physics: the Brewing Optometrist and this guy named Chris.

For whatever reason--the blood, she wasn't pooling in my brain at the time--Jodi came over to ask me a question about something. In the physics lab, we sat at tables that were tall enough we required stools. Conveniently, they were just tall enough for someone of Jodi's height to be able to comfortably put her elbows on the table and lean forward--way forward--and rest her chin on her hands with her elbows splayed wide.

Which she did.

Right in front of me.

And this is when I underwent the greatest internal conflict, ever.

The more basal, blog-writing part of me appeared on my left shoulder, screaming in my ear "Look at 'em! LOOK. AT. 'EM! You're never going to get a better chance. Never! Look at 'em! LOOKAT'EM!"

On my right shoulder, the better part of me--clothed in white, strumming a harp, wings aflutter--was saying "Maintain eye-contact. Maintain eye-contact. Don't look down. I'll do it for you. DAMN!!!"

Like the fucking saint that I was am, I did not look. Not even a peek. Though, I'm sure she could see the internal conflict playing out on my face. Do I regret not looking? Not so much. She had several hot friends that I felt I had outside chances with, so I could always play the "I'm a nice guy card" while trying to get into their pants.

However, the Brewing Optometrist and Chris both got presented one of the finest titty-oriented shows ever. Not only am I nice guy for not looking down Jodi's shirt, but I'm also a caring and giving friend, because that conversation lasted for about five minutes. Five, long, agonizing minutes. And the giggles from those two bastards sitting next to me were growing louder and louder as my desire to look down grew stronger and stronger.

Fortunately, I was saved by the teacher entering the room and starting class. Jodi bounced back over to her seat, but rather than pay a damn lick of attention to whatever the hell the teacher was blathering on about--force vectors, speed of light, momentum, some bullshit--I sat there and stared at the sweet round curve of Jodi's breasts. Sideboob is excellent, even when clad in red-and-white checkers.

And that appreciation of mammaric flesh has served me much better to this day than any force of friction calculation ever has.


Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Emmett Otter's Jug Band. Very, very nice. One more piece of my childhood, down the gutter.

Next you'll foul up Uncle Wiggly's Sugar Cookie, I'm guessing.

Sully said...

Mmmmm boob physics...

So two tachyons are about to walk into a bar...

BigSis said...

I'm a super tall female, but our experiences are SO different. Who knew I was supposed to be looking at boobies. I was just celebrating that there are very few people who are tall enough to see the top of my head to see my roots showing :)

DEZMOND said...

ah, what would we do without another of your odes to breasts :)))

Sass said...

I remember those tables...

Girls like me, who didn't have boobs until we were in our 20's, would try to use the tables to our advantage. I can remember trying to "rest" whatever boobs I may have had on the table to get the boys to look.

All girls did it.



Ahem...maybe not.

Hart Johnson said...

I am just going to pout a minute about the fact that for MEN, height is an advantage, and for WOMEN it is NOT. I am 5'11"--your equivelent in opposite gender--98% percentile or some such thing... yet how many pixie girls have I envied who go in for a hug and can make a nice grasp of the man's behind look like it is just where her hands fall... they put their head on the guys chest, when all I get is a mouth full of hair. NOT FAIR I tell you.

SkylersDad said...

The high point of my life came when we all came back to school after the summer between my 7th and 8th grade years. Mary Jenson blossomed that summer, so much that our 8th grade brains were all suggesting she stuffed (yeah, that was the term then, deal). She got wind of this, and grabbed my arm one day, pulled me into the girls bathroom, pulled up her shirt and said "See? Now go tell the others".

I am getting those twitches in my eye lid right now just remembering...

Sadako said...

Best post on boob physics ever.

Cora said...

Ahhhh, I didn't learn that move until I was working retail in college. Lean over the counter just so and *BAM!* men will buy ANYTHING!!

Scope said...

You should try riding standing room only public transit twice a day.

Spectacular views. And sometimes, just sometimes, they brush against you, too.

Wynn said...

Oh come on Jenks. I know you used forceful friction after that looksie!