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A Thousand Gross

May 12, 2007

Some of my progress this past week was stalled by the line into my refrigerator that delivers water to the filter and the ice maker. Seems as though the nigh-on-thirty-year-old connection was a touch corroded and needed replaced. Having never done this before in my life, and really not having much of a clue about plumbing other than the word comes from Latin and has the same root for their word for the element lead (plumbum...hence the symbol Pb), I had some issues getting everything sealed up right fine. I thought I had it Wednesday night, but there was still a tiny bit of water leaking out, and (this is one of those things that didn't make sense to me) tightening the connection made it leak more...huh. It got to the point where I had to shut the water off for the whole house (because no one thought to have a shut off just for this connection) on Friday. I came home Friday evening and--gallantly, I might add--fixed the issue. Let's hear it for PTFE tape!

Anyway, last night I sat here, sweating, writing like a mad fiend, working to finish up chapter 22 (you know, which I alluded to doing earlier in the week). The chapter, for various reasons, turned out a touch longer than I intended, but it's for the better. A little character development never hurt anyone, right? No matter the reason, it's the ends that are justified, and the ends are that I am finished with the chapter. I'm still working on 30, however, and I'm also working on chapter 23. 23 is in its infancy because I know how to finish the chapter, but the first part is awfully slow.

With that out of the way, I thought I'd toss some numbers out. I realize that it looks like I set this one up, but it is honestly the word and page counts I had when I finished chapter 22 last night.

Word Count: 144,000
Page Count: 470

It looks like I'll end up around 160,000 words, which still might be a lot, but it's a big book. You might be able to see why I hardly ever try to write short stories.

More updates forthcoming.


Chemgeek said...

Good work on the plumbing. I did the plumbing in my basement. I refused to do the gas connections. A water leak is a lot less flammable than a gas leak.

A gross x 10^3 words!!!! Nice.

A prime number x 10^1 pages!!!! Nicer

Those are omens of sorts, me thinks!!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I totally agree. I can do things like electrical work (since things are pretty well marked AND you can wrap the connections with lots of insulating tape) and some plumbing, but I would definitely not want to mess with gas lines. Good thing everything here is electrical.

I realized afterward that I should have reported in scientific notation: 1.44 x 10^5 and 4.7 x 10^2. What sort of scientist am I?

Oh, right. A hack.