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Warning: Fluff(y) Post Ahead

June 13, 2008

Sorry for the lack of reading material this week. I've been busy wrapping up my current project so that I can get all my stuffs moved to the other building and start my new project on Monday. What? You didn't know I was getting transferred? Yeah, I got transferred to a different department where I'll not be battling the wretched hordes of cancer everyday. No, instead, I'll be trying to fight the wretched neglected diseases that are afflicting sub-Saharan Africa. Yeah, it's something I can tell my mom about and she can brag to her church friends about me.

To that end, I promise to supply something other than fluff posts in the near future.

As busy as I've been, however, I haven't been too busy to read your blogs and sometimes comment on them. I've also not been too busy to not see shit like this: Shitty Cat Jewelry. I mean, seriously? C'mon. You're kidding, right? Who buys this crap? I mean, someone must be buying it, as they have a whole catalog of garbage. And more, who wears it? The broad in Carmel, IN should be campaigning against these sins against artistic endeavors rather than Victoria's Secrets models.

I mean, it's enough to make Wizard Cat gather together a posse and kick some ass. Right after the one on the right can figure out how to use his new tiny little arms.


Jidai said...

I now want to put my cat in a wizard robe and hat!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Yeah, I'm seriously considering making Wizard Cat into the Blog Mascot.

Chemgeek said...

Wizard Cat. hmmmm. What kind of powers does it have?

Lisa-tastrophies said...

DUDE!! The Wizard cat is probably going to be getting his pose together to kick your @$$ for putting them in those outfits. Although, I am laughing my butt off and thinking "Now, where could I get a couple of outfits like that?" (Of course, Bud E. Phat would need the XXXX-Large cat size) And somewhere there is a crazy cat lady who is buying that shitty cat stuff by the crate load...and wearing it all at once!
I do second the vote for Wizard Cat as mascot.

As for the sub-African disease: They got some pretty cool shit coming out of there. Nothing like a good round of Ebola to clear a room. And who knew that Marburg could be such a party-animal. So I got your back on the transfer. :-)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

No, no...the question should be...What kind of powers DOESN'T it have?

Did you flip through the catalogue on the tigerpixie sight, Lisa? There's a picture of a mermaid cat that sold for $400! $400 freaking dollars! And there's words underneath that say "Sold out". Sold out? SOLD OUT??? That means there are probably MORE THAN ONE!

If I get a book published, I'm getting TigerPixie to do the cover art. They obviously have found out how to work some subliminal "buy me" message into their "artwork".

thewibbler said...

Don't be hatin'!

Lisa-tastrophies said...

Ok, I'm all about cats. I have two and I am fostering two kittens I found, and I will be hitting a "certain" age this year.... so I am TTTTTHHHHHHIIIISSSS close to being that crazy cat lady. BUT Dude, those cat pictures???!!! Someone paid $400???? For one? I got a couple of turkey pictures I made in 4th grade from the outline of my hand... Any takers?

In all fairness, I have no artistic abilities what-so-ever so I will stop baggin' on the kitty art. Seriously? $400????

Rider said...

This is the feline equivalent of an Anne Geddes' calendar--you know, where infants are dressed as produce or insects.

Your blog mascot should be any animal with dangling human hands.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Wibbler: I'm not hatin'. I have nothing but respect for Wizard Cat. As for Tiger Pixie, I'm just jealous. Really. Fucking. Jealous.

Rider: I'm not taking the cat on the right, if that's why you're implying...

Lisa: Seriously, $400. If you change those 4th grade pics into Turkey Cash.

Chemgeek said...

The only thing that would freak me out more would be if they sold matching human outfits so you and your cat can dress alike.