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Friday Morning Latin Lesson, Vol LXII

March 12, 2010

In which I get back in the good graces of those insane Twilight fanatics that I've been insulting and ragging on for several months now. You crazy bitches are about to get your day in the sun.

Which, is kind of ironic, given that we're talking Vampires here.

Anyway...I would have prepared this last night, but I sat down to type up a Latin Lesson and then work on my Greek myth novel...I got distracted by watching Angry Video Game Nerd eloquently and succinctly sum up many of the worst games that were ever created for the NES system. I will warn you that, while funny as fuck, the videos feature a lot of not safe for work language.

Here's a funny aside: if you look at his (AVGN's) earliest videos, the 2004-2006 batch, I owned five of those games. I got four of them one year for Christmas. Talk about a fucking disappointing Christmas. But, that's life.

Anyway...three hours after I started watching AVGN, I decided it was time to go to bed, and thus I didn't get a Latin Lesson done and I only got about a page of my current chapter finished. So, I was just going to skip the Latin Lesson.

And's lesson just dropped into my fucking lap. Like that. Awesome.

See, I often refer to Wiktionary to help me remember which declension I need for a noun or which conjugation I need for a verb or any other shit. One of my favorite things to do is to have it give me a random word from a language of my choosing, which in this case (as with most cases) is Latin.

And that's when I got this beauty:


Pronounced "Gay-mo"

Translation in the hovertext!

Okay, I'm sorry Twilight people...I can't just stop there. So, I added a little something to the end here. It might not be as utile in everyday circumstances, but hopefully it's funny.

Gemmasne? Quoniam futuivi, ad Orcum ivi. Et gemmas. Pulcher.

Pronounced: "Gay-moss-nay? Quo-nee-ahm foo-too-ee-wee, ad Or-coom ee-wee. Et gay-moss. Pool-care."

Again, translation in the hovertext.

Gemmo, gemmare is the word from which we get "gem", because gems are sparkly. See how that works?

Have a sparkly good weekend, folks!


Chemgeek said...

I'm not going to read this post. Too many pictures of dudes and not enough hot chicks.

red said...

Calling Robert Pattinson a "Gay Mo" is a bit redundant, doncha think?

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Damn you, Mjenks...I spent half an hour playing in that website~! The video on Pong was priceless. And somehow I don't think you made it back in the Twilight fan's good graces. Such a shame.

Bev said...

Mmm, thanks for the eye candy! I don't care what you say or in what language you say it, pics of sparkly dudes are a-ok in my book!

Oh, and while I enjoyed the Twilight series I am NOT a psycho Twihard, so suck it.

However... if you wanted to post about True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard I'd definitely show my psycho fan girl side.

Bev said...

Hmm, did that comment even make sense? I have GOT to stop drinking during the day!

BigSis said...

HILARIOUS! I love it.

Eric said...

The scan for scantily clad girls did not go well for this entry.

Gaymo or Mo' Gay? ahhaahaa ah a yeahnevermind.

Wynn said...

Oh it's totally sparkling up in here!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

You know, you wrote this post with such conviction one might think that you're harboring some school boy, pent up angst, over these two vampires.

Just sayin'

Elliott said...

Very nice, chuckling at my desk. And I disagree with Bev, I actually need to START drinking during the day.

MJenks said...

@ Chemgeek: I'll try to make it up to you. Someday. I swear.

Oh, hey, St Patty's Day is next week!

@ red: Well, it's probably better pronounced as "geh-mo", because I think the Romans nasalized the vowels in front of m's and n's. But, yes, I couldn't resist the delicious synthesis of Pattison, his self-assessed allergy to vagina, and the word pronounced "gay-mo." It's like a beautiful, cosmic confluence of insults.

@ Happy Hour: Oh, I will apologize because I realize how addictive his site can become. Fast. As for the Twilighters...*shrugs*...meh.

@ Bev: If "psycho fan girl side" is code for "tits", I'm on it.

@ Bev: It made sense to me. But then, I haven't eaten much today, my blood sugar is low, I'm exhausted, and it kind of feels like I'm drunk. So...*shrugs*

@ BigSis: *bows* Thank you. Thank you very muchly.

@ Eric: I'll make it up to you later. Oh, hey, St. Patty's Day is next week...

I appreciated the inversion humor. :-D

@ Wynn: I know. Someone needs to crack a window.

@ Candy: I will admit to loving Angel. I was pissed when they canceled the show. I'm still pissed. So, yes. I guess I do have some pent up angst.

I'm also angsty over how such an insipid character can be such a fricking cash cow. Angst away!

@ Elliot: And, I think I need to just start drinking again. Period. Plus, aren't all authors supposed to have alcoholic issues?

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I love that we both posted about Edward Cullen on the same day.


Scope said...

I was hoping that "I have buds" would actually be "I have Bud Light". Guess I was wrong.

Elliott said...

Scope, I just made gagging sounds at my daughter for telling me her favorite beer was Bud Light. I then promptly bought a Longboard Lager, which she declared 'the worst beer ever'. Not surprisingly, it's one of the best things, aside from Guinness, I've had in recent months.

Scope said...

Elliott - Sorry, I had gone to the Wikitionary (or whatever it's called)and it mentioned that "gemmo" could mean "I have buds". So, I made the joke. Personally, I'm a Sam Adams or Goose Island man myself.

Elliott said...

I was just saying, no need to apologize for having good taste.

Nej said...

My gym plays old episodes of Angel every morning while I'm on the treadmill.

I used to have a mad crush on David Boreanaz.

Used to...yeah, that's it. Used to.