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Snow Effin' Way!

March 3, 2010

Sorry. I should have written up something somewhat interesting for today. But I didn't. I was writing other things last night (when I wasn't napping on the couch in front of the Vanderbilt vs Florida game), and then when fatigue finally began to settle in, I didn't feel like writing much.

And then we learned (rather late) that my kids had a two hour delay this morning for the winter weather storm that wasn't. The 2-5 inches that was forecast for the area turned into 2-5 flakes. At least in our part of the county. To be fair, when I drove to work, the "no appreciable snow accumulation" turned into "a very light dusting that you could almost see if you squinted in just the right light".

The public schools in my county, not to be outdone by trifles like "roads with no ice or snow" or "really no ice or snow anywhere on the roads" and "wow, did the forecast miss badly...again" not to mention "safe driving conditions", decided to delay the start of school for two hours. They just, apparently, decided not to tell anyone about it. Watching the news this morning, there was nothing on the crawl at the bottom of the screen. We didn't get a phone call from the automated service (at least, we didn't hear one if it came through). It was like some vast secret.

To that end, I have to skate out of work early today (oh, wow, does that suck...) to make sure that there is someone home to meet the kids when they get off the bus. Because, you know, we feel kind of bad leaving an 8-year-old to mind a 5-year-old...although I'm fairly certain that my daughter doesn't know the "fill the gin bottle back with water--they'll never expect" trick just yet.

Who knows? Maybe. She's a bit of a prodigy.

Except when it comes to fractions.

But, I blame that one on the schools.

Anyway, a quick post. That's what this was supposed to be.

I like to rag on Adam and Jamie's "scientific method" on Mythbusters all the time. What? One data point is enough to either prove or disprove something? Certainly! That's a win for science!

Anyway, I remember watching an episode where they decided that you can't get electrocuted simply by peeing on something carrying an electric current, either an electric rail, an electric fence...fill in the blank.

Apparently, this poor man in Washington didn't get the memo. The poor guy skidded off the road in his car and hit a pole holding up power lines. He survived, was uninjured, and called for help. However, apparently, while he was waiting for help to arrive, he needed to take a piss. He ended up pissing accidentally on a downed, live wire. The urine stream connected him to the current and he was killed. Hopefully (for his sake) instantly.

Perhaps the worst part? From the article: "there will be an autopsy, but burn marks indicated how the electricity traveled through [the victim's] body."

Hands down. Worst. Death. Ever.


EmcogNEATO! said...

MY GOD! That's horrible.

Elliott said...

I just remember being made to go to school as long as the city buses were running. And unless it was less than zero (not below freezing, but WAY below freezing) they wouldn't even let us into the school until class time.

Adam L. said...

We've had at least one "delay school by 2 hours" this year because it was too cold.

Cry me a river.

Gwen said...

Ouch. That story made my vagina hurt.


Chemgeek said...

due to Gwen's recent remark, I would like to unsubscribe from this list serve.

mo.stoneskin said...

Did I hear you say something about a quick post? Surely not. Maybe I misheard, perhaps you said toast or piss or something like that. Piss, that's right, something about a quick piss. Just stay away from any live wires.

otherworldlyone said...

They delayed SC schools two hours this morning too. I was on the road at 6am. It was totally fine. I swear! Southern news people and their attempts to create mass hysteria! Ugh.

I'd heard about that wire story. Man, that sucks.

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Oh God, this is worse than that Discovery special about things that attack in the water and the footage of those tiny eels that swim up the penis' urethra. You see that special? Good stuff.

Mala said...

Someone should get a beating when school is cancelled and there's NO snow! That happened here last week. Not a single flake fell until after 4pm. And we live in New England! Hello?

And yes, that is a horrible, horrible way to die.

That Baldy Fella said...

If Ren And Stimpy taught me one thing, it was "Don't Whizz On The Electric Fence". Wise words, wise words.

Eric said...

I had no idea how close I was to a painful death at three years old when I set a wall outlet on fire with a quick #1.

LiLu said...

Oh, man. That's GOT to be the Darwin Award of the year.

Wonderful said...

I was actually at dinner with a friend over the weekend and somehow we got on the topic of dying, and she thought that the worst way to go would be to have your arms and legs tied to two horses so that when they went in separate directions, you'd break each bone.

We also discussed drowning to death, but someone said that after awhile your brain shuts down and so you're in your happy place.

God, this is depressing. I'm gonna stop now.

words...words...words... said...

The burn marks indicated how the electricity traveled through the body? Ow. This brings up something I've always wondered. Why do men outside always need to pee ON something? Why not just on the ground? They always find a bush or a tree or a...downed live wire. Puzzling.

Also, you won a prize at my blog!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I wonder if his dying thought was, "I'm pissed."

Scope said...

For heaven's sake then, don't read THIS POST of mine from last year.

Missy said...

We have missed 30 days of school due to snow and will not get out until the end of June! BOO SNOW!

Ed said...

Makes you miss home, doesn't it? At least here, when they say chance of snow, they MEAN snow.

As for the penis lightening live wire thingy.....Sometimes it's best to hold it.

Nej said...

I'm pretty sure the children in our area will be going to school until about mid July at this rate. I watch my hometown school listed in the crawl at the bottom of the screen...and I wondered why we didn't ever get that many snow days? If the buses couldn't run, we walked. Completely unfair. :-) :-) :-)