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Stellar...Update Time

February 5, 2007

I haven't had much to update lately. I spent most of last week trying to finish up Dragon Quest VIII and I got through the first ending, but I wasn't satisfied with it so I'm pushing forward. I decided to set it aside for the time being and, instead, I've returned to my delightful little world of writing and sentient animals taking out centuries of frustration against their human overlords. I, for one, welcome our new porcine masters with open arms and full slop buckets.

Be warned, though, that I will go back and try to knock off a dragon or two over the next few weeks. I won't allow the game to wholly consume me again like it did over the past few days (it's always smart staying up until 2am to play a game, knowing full well that Buchwald couplings await you in the morning), but it would be nice to kill all the dragons. And find the last three monsters that I'm missing to complete the defeated monster list. Pip, if you ever read this, be warned, my friend. It's an addictive monster we have here!

Anyway, not much to report here. I did get a few more pages done and wrapped up a section (not a whole chapter). I'm enthused with how quickly I could pick up where I had been after a week off and pushed along with little to no problem. I just need to make a final decision on how they're going to get across the river. I'm thinking I might just settle on a ferry. But, I should have 20 done by the end of the week and then I can push on into the final chapters before el battle grande begins to take place.

Progess by the numbers:
Word Count: 93589
Page Count: 307

Mini goal for the week (aside from finishing off Ch. 20) is that elusive 100,000 word mark. Wish me luck.