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What Was That About Respect?

February 6, 2007

Apparently, losing at Iowa while playing 5-on-8 (look at the free-throw disparity and you'll find your six-point win...not to mention the fact that now Steve Alford is calling technical fouls on opposing players rather than the referees) is bigger than beating Wisconsin by 5. Never mind that they unseated the Badgers, were given no shot in the game, and pretty much took Wisconsin out of their game plan. Never mind that Kammron Taylor and Alando Tucker suddenly became human again. Never mind that Indiana never trailed in the second half. Losing at Iowa in a game plagued by spotty officiating on both sides of the ball apparently means more than upsetting the number two team in the nation. Indiana actually dropped out of one poll after last week's 1-1 record. God only knows what will happen this week since they don't play until Saturday.

But here's the worst part, from the Monday Awards or something on

"3. Wisconsin (22-2)
Between losses to Missouri State and Iowa, the Badgers won 17 straight games. If they win another 17 before they lose again, the streak will take them their final eight regular season games, three Big Ten tournament contests, and six NCAA tourney tilts -- meaning they win the whole thing. It's not by any means scientific, but hey, just sayin'. . ."

Now that's a kick in the groin. Not that SI is ever actually been accused of doing research or knowing stuff like, you know, facts (check out their recruiting section and you'll see they're still discussing Jerimy Finch's decision as coming down between Florida and Indiana...despite Finch saying that Florida was nice but he wasn't interested and that it's 50-50 between Indiana and Michigan...I wonder if they have meetings at SI and ESPN about continued giving of public blow jobs to Urban Meyer). Still, you'd think that maybe, just maybe, the writers would look down the scores and be like "Oh, whoops, they lost to Indiana, not Iowa...silly us." Apparently copyediting is no longer in vogue.


Anonymous said...

So Finch said he was no longer considering Michigan in January ... is research in vogue?

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

In Michigan, Finch de-committed from Michigan and committed to Indiana, but has since backed off that, as well.

As of this past weekend, when Indianapolis Star beat writer Terry Hutchens talked to Finch, he was quoted as saying "it's 50-50 between Michigan and Indiana right now". This sentiment was backed up by Indiana receiver James Hardy, who echoed the 50-50 line.

There has been some word that Finch will ultimately sign with Indiana. I guess we'll find out later today.

A quick review of anyone who follows Indiana's athletics would have revealed this. It would have also revealed that Florida was supposedly off the table. Granted, I follow Indiana athletics somewhat closely (along with ND's), so I knew where to look. But then again, it's not my job to know all these things, which is why I'm calling out the SI writers who continue to not get it done.