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An Unfortunate Coincidence

September 29, 2008

If I were this guy, and if I ever--ever!--wore green slacks and a white shirt, I think I'd be looking for a cut or two of the cash pie that Fox (for some unknown reason) keeps throwing at Seth MacFarlane. Anyway, Monday's Frivolity revolves around this poor slob, whose name is probably photoshopped in, but still, an unfortunate coincidence all around, no?
Oh, and MacFarlane...I get it. You hate Republicans and you think Christians are idiots who are beneath you and worthy only of your mocking disdain. We all get it. Find another joke already. Or are you too busy waiting for one of your fans to buy lunch for you? Asshole.

UPDATE: I don't want to rub it in your face or anything, but I was right about the whole "clever photoshoppery" of the above picture. Here's the Snopes site that tells it like it is. Peter's real name: Justin Blair Spaeth. Egad. Perhaps Peter Griffin isn't such a bad option after all. Still. I guess I know what Justin's going as for Halloween.

Also, here's a picture of the aforementioned Mr. Spaeth in a production of West Side Story, which is a little funnier, since he's wearing a white shirt and at a bar.


Dr Zibbs said...

Great picture. As for Family, it's getting way old. Unlike the Simpsons which is still great.

Gwen said...

MacFarlane could at least throw the poor sap a Whopper or two - with cheese.

dg said...

I think that dude has a Whopper hidden in his waddle.

Frank said...

His chin isn't testicle-y enough to be Peter Griffin.

red said...

Family Guy is now and has always been the lamest animated show on primetime television. I mean, it's written by manatees, for chrissakes!

Seth MacFarland, however, was kinda funny on Gilmore Girls.

Chemgeek said...

The Family Guys jokes are funny. Too bad they get used over and over.

Cartman had a point.

Hap said...

Um, it's Fox - of "fair and balanced" fame. If they weren't throwing money at Seth MacFarlane, they might be pondering a musical half-hour starring Ann Coulter and Dennis Miller singing love songs, or Brent Musburger describing the greatest moments in sports. Think of Family Guy as the American TV viewer taking one for the team.

My wife got me "If Democrats Were Any Smarter (They'd Be Republicans)." in revenge for me getting her the picture book "Bad President" last Christmas. Does any one know if Ann Coulter book smoke gives meat a bad flavor?

BeckEye said...

Oh, I love Snopes. My family calls me "the debunker." I should really be a superhero.

McGone said...

Yes, Frank is right... the photoshoppery should have included ball chin. And yet, it is terribly misfortunate as is.