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Friday Afternoon Latin Lesson, Volume XXXIX

September 11, 2009

Much like college football, the NFL started on a Thursday night. So, by the time you read this, the football season will officially be underway (I have the game on in the background now while I write--I forgot how much I hate Cris Collinsworth).

But, before I get into that, I owe you some Latin names for your favorite college teams. I spent the week working on this, because, you know, I had nothing better to do (aside from nursing sick kids back to health). Just to remind you, Eamus, O... translates as "Let's go...", so use that when rooting on your favorite team. I'll put the literal translation in parantheses, because those were kind of fun.

OtherWorldlyOne: mentulae (Cocks)
Erin: pari (Panthers)
Words...words...words: I'm not sure which to pick from. Based on the fact that you like to knock Notre Dame, I'm guessing you're not a Harvard Crimson, a Cornell Big Red or a Dartmouth Big Green (I'm guessing you went to a D-1A school). I don't think you're a North Texas Mean Green, either, which leaves Stanford or Syracuse. Since you're smart, you could easily have gone to Stanford, and since you're from the east coast, I can see you being a Syracuse alum. I can't pick, so I thought I'd go with both: Cardinale (Cardinal) or Aurantiacus (Orange). Also, your NFL team is Aquilae.
Jill Pilgrim: Infanovores (eaters of babies). Unum facite pro meretricibus americanis! (Make one for the American whores!).
Cooper Green: aves tornituum (Birds of Thunder)
Soda & Candy: We'll just do this: tigres bengalensum (Tigers of Bengal)
Nej: I'm assuming (since you're in Big XII territory) that it's Kansas (only Big XII team I could think of with blue and white for colors). Falcones aphelocomae (Jay Hawk).
Lisa: agricolae (Farmers)
Happy Hour Somewhere: tigres (Tigers)
Eric: boves cum cornibus longis (bulls with long horns)
JenJen: ursae mephistae (Skunk bears)
Adam and Someguy: Indi qui nominant ipsos Illinos pugnaces (the Indians who name themselves the Fighting Illini)
Chemgeek: Agricolae qui cutem frumentorum resecant (Farmers who peel the skin of corn)

And, yes...I had way too much fun doing that.

Anyway, last year I didn't watch any of the NFL. I was vaguely aware of it, but basically I was pissed because I felt like Green Bay pushed Lord Voldemort out in favor of Aaron Rogers. Well, Voldemort is off with the Purple Death Eaters now, and I can't really hold Green Bay responsible for all the bullshit he's pulled the past ten months or so. I'm officially re-embracing the NFL this season, and I'm still going to root for my formerly beloved Packers.

Just out of curiosity...does anyone want a replica Voldemort jersey, XL? I'll throw in an XL Packers sweatshirt with Voldemort and the number 4 embroidered upon it. Sorry, it's not in purple.

Anyway, with all that in mind, I give you this week's Latin phrase, which of course will pay homage to my favorite NFL team. Clearly, this must be true, otherwise I can think of no other reason for reasonably sane young women to be dressed like this Wisconsin in the winter:

Ecce potestas casei!

Pronounced: Eck-aye poh-taste-oss cahs-aye-ee!

Translation in the hovertext.

I guess I'll extend the offer to translate your favorite NFL team name into Latin, if you'd like. Also, thanks to Al Michaels, I just learned that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is married to Fox News anchor Jane Skinner. I used to think Jane was kind of hot; now I don't know what to think.

And, I'm sure, Rog will hit me with a $5,000 fine for that comment.


Soda and Candy said...

"Ecce potestas casei" indeed.


What about an Aussie football team, say the Wallabies?

Elliott said...

I can't thank you enough for that one, it made my day. Really, I'm even going to steal this one for my blog's motto.

red said...


Also, my friend Dave encouraged me to pick the Packers in my fantasy league so I'll be rooting for them too this year. I hope they don't make me lose a lot of money!

Jidai said...

Oh... Packers fan... Yeah... Have fun with that...

GO VIKES! You just can't beat the best running team in the NFL. :P

Chemgeek said...

What Jidai said!!!!

Elliott said...

It could be all the cheese and beer in my bloodstream, but cheering for the Vikes over the Pack is not only wrong, but it borders on illegal.

Elliott said...

Oh, and I should mention here that I endured both the Randy Wright and Don Majkowski eras to remain a fan, if that says anything.

erin said...

I hate Collinsworth too.
The Terrible Towel is sacred...and so is Troy Polamalu.

Jon said...

Oh man, did I miss the boat for the mascot latinization?

My college mascot was the Bantams.

(Just try not to tremble with fear when you hear that...)

p.s. my word verification right now (Swear to God) is "Panthog". I would like to adopt the Pant Hog as my new mascot, please...

Jidai said...

God, am I like the only Vikings fan in blogland?

Eric said...

'boves cum cornibus longis'
I need to get an orange shirt made with this on it.

The GB cheer girls are some cheese heads I'm down with. Not the druggy kind. I'll stop talking now...

words...words...words... said...

Go Aurantiacus!

I will be firmly in your team's corner when they face the Vikings twice this year. With any luck, they will sack Voldemort like the real Vikings sacked pretty much everyone.

However, that is where my good wishes for you end, since you not only root for Notre Dame, but you hate the best football analyst on TV!

Nej said...

Farmers who peel the skin of corn!!

That's completely and totally classic!

That one little sentence (well, it's more of a description really, not quite a sentence)...but anyway, that one description alone just made my afternoon! Thank you good sir...have a great weekend!

(Go Bills!!!)

corticoWhat said...

"And, I'm sure, Rog will hit me with a $5,000 fine for that comment."

And a suspension with community service thrown in. Something for PETA would be appropriate.

BeckEye said...

Eamus, O Steelers!

Scope said...

Cora would love a Green Voldemort jersey. But not a REAL Green (Bay) Voldemort jersey, that's cruel.

Hic nos vado cohors no chalbys, hic nos vado!

Cora said...

So that's what Voldemort is up to these days. Good to know.

Oh. Hey. Looky here, my wv is "master"


Guess your blog is my servant, Mjenks. Now where'd I leave the blindfold and handcuffs?....

Cooper Green said...

I'm off to a great start. Beat the spread by picking the Titans. And of course, spread-beating what football is all about. Go Aves Tornituum, you flockers!

Mr. Condescending said...

eric's was hilarious!

and lol @s&c's wallabies comment!

otherworldlyone said...

Well, looks like you had no trouble translating cocks.

Go figure.

mylittlebecky said...

jill's is the best. obvi. that baby eater. and also, cock. that owo, she like-a the mentulae.

ps i linked you in a post today. it may be about boobs.

Margo said...

NFL - wake me up when the season's over. My husband is an Eagles fan. Each year they make our lives very exciting, not necessarily in a good way. Tell me something really snarky to say in Latin, so we can stay married.