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Do Me a Solid, Wouldja?

January 5, 2011

I'm not going to be around much over the next few days. You know, the whole flying to and driving from Tulsa, OK. *stares blankly into the distance*

Anyway, while I'm cruising down Interstate 40 in my shiny Saturn coupe (it almost fits the cadence of the song...go with it, he's rolling), I'm going to bother you all to help out a friend. Er, a friend of a friend. So you'd be helping out a friend of a friend of a friend, and then if he wins, you've got a hilarious anecdote you can use at parties for small talk.

Plus, you get to feel all better about yourself for doing something nice for someone.

So, the background on the story goes here: There is a contest where people submit videos of themselves explaining why they should get a free trip to Vail, CO. It's a Facebook thing, so you know there are lots of self-centered bitches with their spray-on tans and collagen-inflated lips and troweled-on mascara throwing around some pitiful Jersey-shore excuses as to why they should be granted permission to ruin the beautiful Colorado mountains (and I can personally assure you, them mountains in Colorado is beautiful).

But then, there's J.R.

J.R. is a veteran from the war in Iraq. Unfortunately, while his heart and soul are here in America, he left a little piece of himself in Iraq; namely, his right hand.

You can watch his video testimony here, which is also the place where you can vote for him.

So, let's do this up Chicago-style, friends: vote early and vote often. You can vote once every 24 hours. Voting runs through Saturday, January 8th.

Do it, or I'll be forced to eat this bowl of delicious charmingly adorable kittens:


Joel D. Timm said...

Thanks Matt. This means a lot.

BigSis said...

Will vote. And, by the way, I love those kittens!

Gwen said...

I voted. Now, where's my sticker?

Pearl said...

I will vote for him both by way of my enormous patriotism and because I laughed out loud at the thought of you eating a big bowl of kittehs.


Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Yup! Voted.

What's Chicago style? Deep dish?

Ed said...

Awesome. My opinion of you just went up, because let's be honest, that's the only place it could go.

Heading over to vote now.

Safe travels.

SkylersDad said...

Already voted, but thanks for letting me know I can go Chicago style!

DEZMOND said...

can't stop melting in front of those adorable kittens! So adorable!
And a refreshing thing to see at you blog, MJ ;)

snowelf said...

You got it Mr. Kitten Eater.

Hee, I said Kitten Eater ;)


Josie Salzman said...

Thank you for linking this. All the help with voting is greatly appreciated! We are currently sitting in 9th and we wouldn't be there without the extra help!

MJenks said...

@ Joel: For you man, almost anything. I draw the line at helping you bury a body on my property...anywhere else, though, and I'll bring a spare spade.

@ Gwen: I got yer sticker right here. Wait...that sounds dirty. Eh, go with it.

@ Pearl: They're so full of protein. And cute. And wriggle.

@ SteamMeUp: Yep, deep dish, lots of butter and corruption, maybe a little bit of vote tampering and sausage.

@ Ed: Shit. I gotta do something to fix this elevated opinion of me. *drops pants*farts*

@ SkyDad: Thanks for the help with added link to others.

@ Dezmond: I have lots of pictures of kittehs on here. Just, perhaps, I stretch the meaning of "kitteh" a bit.

@ Snowelf: *wriggles eyebrows at you*

@ Josie: I was my pleasure. I'm glad we helped out. I'm sorry I didn't get to vote for two days while I was away.