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Because I've Got Nothing Else

March 19, 2007

Look who the favorites are to play for the NCAA hockey championships.

I'm smelling an A Crown of Thistles throwdown in the Frozen Four.

This is what happens when basketball season ends...


Chemgeek said...

I am going to get on my knees right now and pray for a Minnesota vs. Notre Dame championship hockey match.

Oh man!!! That would be awesome.

But, Minnesota's toughest match could come in the 2nd round with the behated North Dakota team. Satisfaction starts by beating them.

I noticed those bastards from Holy Cross are not even in the tourney. Let's just leave 2006 in the past. Those jerks. How freakin' lucky can you get!!!!!!

Time to relive 2002-2003. The Dynasty starts on Saturday.

Chemgeek said...

Double overtime to beat a sub 0.500 team is probably NOT what Notre Dame had in mind. Hockey is a fickle sport, but a tournament win is a tournament win.

Chemgeek said...

...and Minnesota needing 3 3rd-period goals to beat Air Force is a little too close for comfort.

Chemgeek said...

Looks like a Minnesota-Notre Dame Championship match is not going to happen.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Especially since I was going to propose a friendly wager involving everyone's favorite malted and fermented beverage.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Yeah, I'm really, really not happy with this. For one, I have this CSTV package on my digital cable that allows me to watch college hockey. Except when it comes to the tournament. Then it gets sucked up by ESPNU, which I don't get and don't feel like ordering. So, I had to rely on "web-watching" in order to see what was going on.

Eff you, Sparty.

Chemgeek said...

Yeah, I was all for the friendly wager, but that point is moot now.

How sad