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I Should be Quarantined

March 1, 2007

Well, my wife was sick and then my daughter. Now it's my turn. I guess now that I'm not doing 40-gram zinc reductions once or twice a day, I'm susceptible to disease. Bleh.

Despite this, I've persevered, and tonight, I'm going to honestly try to keep my post under 3000 words (sorry about the length of the picks post...I got carried away).

To answer a couple of questions posed from before: I'm still working on the Boar War, but my friend Joel has been reading some of the work I've done on King of Thistles/Shadows, and he loves it. I've been compared to a few fantastic authors by him, and it makes me blush, but I apparently don't have enough humility to not brag about it in my blog. His words are, naturally, far too kind.

Second, absolutely, I'll offer some discounts for faithful blog readers. I made the same promise to faithful thread-readers at when I was an active member there. Now, I'm more passive, but I still plan to uphold the promises made. I'll just need to figure out how to do it is all. Blog readers also get discounts.

And now, to the updates.

I just finished chapter 24. It was short, so I moved a bit of chapter 25 into 24 and finished with a nice 11-page chapter. Next up, I'll start to work on the parts of 25 that I didn't just swipe and move to 24. It actually makes the flow of the story go a little better with what I did tonight. It allows me to move the characters further along without having to detail their mundane day-to-day activities as they ride north seeking their answers. Also, someday I'll write a story where a deity is not a character. I swear it.

Word Count: 114,407
Page Count: 373

With Championship Week(s) coming up and the tournament, I won't promise much, but I do want to maybe finish 25 over the weekend. As I said earlier, that would complete a story arc. After 25, I'm going back to do 7. I swear.

And there it is. A short post.


Ψ*Ψ said...

For the longest time, I got (on average) 8 or 9 sinus infections a year. Last year, I started doing organic chemistry (a class last spring; research since August) and have had ONE.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

When I was a second year grad student, I was healthy all year. The only times I got sick was when I was away from the lab for an extended period of time (Thanksgiving, Christmas). I was convinced that my advisor had placed a hex upon me.

Chemgeek said...

I haven't been sick enough to miss a day of work or school since 5th grade. And that was questionable at the time. It's weird. I never get sick. Now that I'm surrounded by germ transport and manufacturing creatures (i.e. children) I suspect this streak may soon end.

Chemgeek said...

and.. why is it that on every blog I read, Ψ*Ψ seems to ALWAYS be the first to comment on a new post. Uncanny!!!

Ψ*Ψ said...

I am just a better-than-average blogstalker :D