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March 26, 2007

So, here's a recap of how my bracket is turning out.

Turns out, I placed first in the bracket over the weekend for just the four days worth of games from last Thursday to Sunday. You'll notice that I got all four of the Final Four team right. There's prizes associated with each two sets of rounds for the tournament, but I think you have to be leading overall, and not just the guy who ends up winning the round. Crap. I really wanted a the new NCAA basketball game. For free.

I don't know if it's mathematically possible for me to win this pool. It'd be nice. I made a jump from about 2500th to 800th over the weekend, which is admirable, but not good enough. So, with that in mind, I'll offer up some tidbits of advice for next year:

1) If I don't think a team should be in the tournament (a la Albany) in the first place, I shouldn't pick them to make it to the sweet sixteen.

2) If I know a team is absolutely horrid on the road (a la Georgia Tech), I won't pick them to upset a team that is playing in a geographically favorable location.

3) Don't ride one trick ponies (a la Texas) too far. It worked once with Syracuse, but clearly there was no supporting cast behind Durant to help save the team. Plus, Rick Barnes is a far, FAR cry from Jim Boeheim.

4) If you know a team is good (a la Winthrop and VCU), go with them, no matter who it is they play in the first round.

5) Never underestimate Notre Dame's ability to choke in any sort of post-season game in any sport.

There you have it. Follow these simple rules, and next year, you, too, might be thinking "Wow, if only I had done this..."