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Absolute Zero

February 13, 2008

What does Assembly Hall in Bloomington, IN and Absolute Zero have in common?

Both should be at zero Kelvin.

And not even Boltzmann can save him now.

Enough nerdy references for you?

How did I put this earlier when discussing Bruce Weber? I'm going to call a spade a spade, or in this case, a piece of shit a piece of shit.

There's the door, Kelvin. Don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out.

The NCAA sent a letter to Indiana yesterday citing major violations. They'll be known later. I guess they say that Sampson lied about the phone calls he made. Whatever. I don't care. That's two years and two violations found; some he brought with him from Oklahoma, others he's done while wearing the Cream and Crimson.

Now, I will say that I am not an alumni of Indiana University, but I grew up a Hoosiers fan, and that's where my interest lies. Still. Up until yesterday, there was one major, storied basketball program in the country that was clean of NCAA violations. And now that is no longer true (Duke and UNC both had their violations a while ago, before K and Dean Smith showed up).

Bob Knight might have been an arrogant boor, but he ran a clean program. He self-reported even the slightest of violations. Sampson, apparently, can't be bothered to either check himself or follow the rules. He already threw coach Senderoff under the bus. I think he should do the same to himself now.

This pains me, too, because I liked Sampson. He was my pick to follow Davis. He's a good coach, but he just can't keep himself within the bounds of the NCAA rules. Now he needs to go. He needs to go as soon as possible. It's over. The Kelvin Sampson era in Bloomington has come to a close as far as I'm concerned.

Rick Greenspan, the AD, should go with him. He brought Sampson on board, knew that he had violations following him, and didn't keep an eye on Sampson, obviously. Fall on your swords, men, and take the honorable way out by resigning. For a school that fired one of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport for grabbing a kid's forearm and wanting him to treat his elders with a bit of respect, this should be a no brainer. Fire Kelvin Sampson.

Get on the phone with Mark Few. Or Scott Drew at Baylor; he's managed to clean up that mess AND make Baylor into a decent team. Rob Jeter at Butler might also be a good call. Bust out the check book and call up Thad Matta (which should have been done a year before hiring Sampson, anyway). Keno Davis at Drake might also be on the radar. I don't care who it is, just be sure not to hire someone with baggage this damned time.

The other thing that disgusts me is, if there was any hope at all, no matter how slim, that Gordon would have stuck around for another year, they're gone now. Completely gone. Ugh. Great. I'm going to go throw up.