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I Can't Believe I'm About to Do This...

February 11, 2008

...but I'm not going to complain about Illinois' student section during the Indiana game. I'm not going to defend them other than to say they're young, passionate, drunk and God knows I did lots of dumb stuff while young, drunk and shirtless (Sparklebelly).

I will say that Bruce Weber is a classless piece of shit. I know I called him a whiney duck at one point, but now I'm going to just call a spade a spade. Or, in this case, a piece of shit a piece of shit.

First there was the whining after Indiana beat Illinois the first time. "We're just one good player away from being good." Yeah, and I'm just 33 fucking years away from retiring and a busted rubber away from being thrice a daddy. Why not just come out and say it, Weber? If we had Gordon, we'd be good. Also, why not say "If it wasn't for Bill Self's players, I wouldn't have made it to the Final Four and I'd be standing in the unemployment line today. I suck as a recruiter and a coach."

Wow. That was cathartic.

So not only does he do this little "feel sorry for me because I can't recruit worth a shit" song and dance, but then he also lets Chester Frazier "chest bump" Gordon at mid-court. And by chest-bump, I mean anally violate him. And then he revels in the antics of the Illini crowd. What a classy guy, that Bruce Weber.

Last week, a coaching legend hung 'em up. Yeah, I'm talking Bob Knight here. Like him or hate him (I think we all know where I stand on this one), there's no way in hell Knight would have put up with that shit either from his players or the students in the crowd. Frazier's punk ass would have been at the end of the bench for the entirety of that game and probably the next one, too, were he playing for Knight. Knight would also have gotten on the PA system and told the crowd to either settle down or get the fuck out of the Assembly Hall. Probably in those exact words. I've seen him do it.

Even the man under whose tutelage Weber came up, Gene Keady, would have sat Frazier and told the crowd to act like they didn't belong in a day care. Or Philadelphia.

I guess the other thing that grinds my gears is Matt Painter at Purdue getting in on the act. When commenting about his talented Freshmen players, he chimes in with "Yeah, and none of them are ready to jump to the NBA, so they'll be around for a while." I see Painter is following in Weber's douchebag footsteps. Gee, I wonder just who he might be talking about.

Purdue plays at Indiana this week. Hopefully that will shut his punk ass up for a while. I couldn't stand Painter when he played for Purdue; I can't stand him now that he's coaching. Bring Gene back already.

Also, last week, one of my...heroes (for the lack of a better word)...decided to up and retire. I have already talked about my man-crush for Bob Knight here, so I won't go into it again. I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate him on a great career and thank him for the great memories at Indiana. Good luck to him, and to Pat, his son who took over the reins at Texas Tech. From what I've seen so far...he's going to need it.

Sorry I've been away. I was sick last week. It's a nasty flu. My family has shared it and shared it well. You know it has to be bad to incapacitate me for five days. I'm normally pretty healthy. I think it's all the whisky and hatred coursing through my veins.


Chemgeek said...

I have to agree with most of this post. Frankly, I was waiting for it. I understand the sickness thing. This current plague has hit 3/5 of my house. I spent all night dealing with a vomiting 11 month old.

Regardless...two things:

Chester Frazier is a classless douche bag on a classless team. What he did is NOT being competitive, it is being a whiny, pissy douche bag. It is so unfortunate that Gordon didn't drop 40 in a historic blowout. I'm not even an Indiana fan, nor do I care about Indiana. I just get really annoyed by these pampered douche bags acting all douchey.

Bob Knight has earned more of my respect. Sure, he has had his moments where he acted like a douche bag, but he has never acted as if he is bigger than the game. He has never put himself before the good of his players, team and school. He has methods that are not comfortable for many, but he gets results. And, I'm not just talking about wins and titles. I'm talking about players who graduate. He slipped away in the middle of it all. Quietly. Honestly. I respect a guy like that.

Geez, this reply got long and it used the word "douche" and it's derivatives a lot. Sorry.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Yeah, it should have been more timely, but the flu really had me down. I felt bad that I couldn't play with my kids as much as I would have liked, but I was wiped and one of them had the flu, too. My daughter is just getting over it. My son was the one who introduced this particular strain of virus to the family.

Don't worry about using the word "douche bag" too much. I enjoy having like-minded folks commenting on my blog. Plus, I think "douche bag" could be one of the finest insults out there. It works on so many levels. Plus, I find it doubly funny that it means "shower" in French.