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February 19, 2008

I just got done watching the Indiana/Purdue game. A tip of the hat to Purdue (yes, I did just throw up a little after typing that). Damn, they're going to be good for years to come. With the revelation that Matt Painter grew up an IU fan and with the looming termination of Kelvin Sampson, I'm suddenly very upset that Bob Knight never offered Painter a scholarship. He's going to be a great coach. Check that. He's already a pretty damned good coach.

Also, I'm glad that Steve Lavin is starting the D.J. White for Player of the Year talk. I personally think he'd humble Tyler Hansbrough. Consummate Dumbass David Glenn might disagree, but that's what makes him a Consummate Dumbass. Mike Davis may have been a mediocre coach at best, but he did bring D.J. White to Indiana, and D.J. has turned into one of my all-time favorite Hoosiers, right up there with Damon Bailey, Calbert Cheaney, Alan Henderson, Lyndon Jones and Michael Lewis.

I also want to serve notice to NC State fans who are bitching and moaning and wailing and gnashing their teeth (the g is silent, Wolfpack fans) and beating their breasts (that means chests, Wolfpack fans) and crying in their beer because their team sucks. Their biggest excuse is that they don't have a point guard. Number one, perhaps your coach should go out and, you know, recruit a point guard rather than shop for red blazers. Number two, Purdue doesn't have a point guard, and look what they're doing. Oh, right, leading the Big Ten (which, by the way, has more than two teams in it), nationally ranked, and building a program. Matt Painter also doesn't have to resort to questionable wardrobe decisions when it comes time to fire up his team and fanbase. Purdue probably could also handle Presbyterian at home.

The big reason for this post, however, is Jim Delaney's bone-headed move of allowing this game to only be played once a year. This year (luckily) it was at Assembly Hall. Purdue and Indiana should be played twice every year, especially now that the league has gone back to an 18-game conference schedule (much to the chagrin of Illinois Coach Whinin' Bruce Weber) and especially since the rivalry seems to be picking back up to match the fevered pitch of the Knight vs. Keady years. Fix this. And fix it now!

A couple other things...if I were Matt Painter, I'd hunt down Brent Musburger, grab him by the throat, get in his face and growl, "Never call me 'Matty Painter' ever again." That's just me. I hate the name "Matty". Ugh. Don't get me started. I broke up with a girl once because she called me Matty. I told her to stop, and she did it again on purpose, and my next words were "Seriously, stop." She countered with "Oh, come on, Matty, stop playing." I then snapped, "Bitch, get out." And that was it.

Five IU students also held up a series of signs that read: "Hunting Accident" "Choked Player" "Thrown Chair" "Who Cares About" "Phone Calls". Apparently, the new regime does, as Sampson is reportedly going to be suspended Friday and will be terminated afterwards. Good-bye, Kelvin. We hardly knew ye.


Will Shannon said...

What of Uwe Bla?

Bucky chuckles as thousands eternally weep.

Hey, we need something. With 87 inches of snow on the ground...

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

You know, Uwe's name has popped up on a few Indiana boards of late.

No offense directed at you, my snowbound friend, but I certainly hope the buckeyes are chuckling after this afternoon.

You guys got another five inches? Wow. Start putting it in tanker trucks and shipping it to the Carolinas. Falls Lake could use some Wisco snow melt.