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A New Addition

July 3, 2008

Not to worry, dear readers. I know that a few of you just threw up in your mouth a little bit over the thought that I have gone and procreated yet again!. To allay your fears, I'll point you toward the birthday post. Not a lot of teh sex is going on whilst one of the partners is bent over the sink trying to puke and the other is constructing a tale of a moldy, melty piece of cheese found in his car whilst cleaning it out the previous week[1].

No, I've just gone and added something to the side bar, because I don't have near enough shit over there. Not only have I updated a few more Inspirational Reads [2], but I've also added a "What I Am Doing" section that's supposed to add a touch of accountability to my whole writing process.

To that end, allow me to translate my vernacular.

Pimpin' = Trying like hell to get an agent to pick this book up and sell it to an editor/publisher.

Editin' = Either actually sitting down and making things flow better or rewriting passages in an otherwise completed book in order to make it better.

Scribin' = Either banging away at the keys, weaving together words into the tapestry of a tale, or sitting in a cafe checking out women carefully penning potential portions of a prospective parable [3] whilst sipping soothing Starbuckian stimulants [4].

If I can come up with another category, maybe I'll toss that one in there, too. Avoidin'? Ignorin'? Backburnerin'? Who knows.

[1]: If you ever need to inspire someone to vomit, this does the trick.
[2]: Inspiration not guaranteed
[3]: I like alliteration
[4]: Maybe too much


Lisa-tastrophies said...

You should write a good female heroine epic so that it can be converted to a screenplay and then Leelee could be cast in the lead and you could see your work on the big screen with your girl in the lead and in less clothes than a full metal armour. :-)
And I like run on sentences and using conjunctions to start sentences.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Well, the book I'm currently pimpin' does have a female lead, though she might be too young for Leelee to play. Plus, there's never really a point when she gets naked. She changes outfits from time to time, but there's never a chance for a wardrobe malfunction or anything.

Frank said...

Starbuckian stimulants.

I think I have some kind of medical prescription for those.