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Football Sucks

November 8, 2009

Not only did Notre Dame lay a tremendous terd--which isn't too difficult when you're completely outplayed and outcoached--on the field yesterday--again--but then Green Bay allowed an otherwise winless Tampa Bay to beat them.

Seriously? I thought Aaron Rogers was the second coming of Roger Staubach (see how I tip the hat to Navy...again?), and that was why we had to push...Him...out of Green Bay in order to bring in Aaron Rogers. For this? How craptacular.

And I haven't worn any green over the past two days. How the hell could this be happening? Maybe it isn't me and my wardrobe, after all. Maybe I just root for shitty teams.

Anyway, I was busy mowing so I couldn't watch the game. Of course, it's not like we could watch the game down here in Patriot country. What? Wait a minute. This isn't Boston? Then why do we keep getting the Patriots on the regional broadcasts?

Apparently, I should have mowed yesterday, too, so that I could miss THAT travesty. In honor of Notre Dame's incredibly underwhelming performance against Navy, I thought I'd revisit a little something I wrote last year after Notre Dame's impressively underwhelming performance against Syracuse.

As for the writing, which I usually feature in these weekend posts, I actually did make some progress this weekend. I'm still wrapping up the scene at the Oracle of Delphi. This could be the most I've ever invested in research for a book, but I wanted to get the pomp and ceremony surrounding the visit to the Oracle, as well as her pronouncements of prophecy and advise, correct. It involved a lot more killing of sheep than I had originally envisioned, and fortunately I've found a few things that described the interior of the temple where she sat upon her tripod and raved madly while slowly being poisoned by the noxious fumes wafting up around her handed down her advice. I'm actually pretty happy with how the scene played out and how the king took the news (hint: not well), so I should be able to move on into the next phase of the story, which involves the interplay of the gods with humanity and the birth of our hero.

Now...if only the Oracle could tell us who a good pick would be for the next football coach at Notre Dame...

8294 / 100000 words. 8% done!


Elliott said...

Congrats on NaNo, I thought the goal was 50k, not 100k. I forsook the challenge this month (forsook?) since I was traveling for work, but next year, it will be mine.

So glad, though, that I didn't blow $180 for tickets today (plus parking, plus bad stadium food, plus foam finger...) if they stunk up the field. I purposely avoided any broadcast of such, too.

Even the word verf is 'parian', describing what an outcast I'd have felt like on the Bucs side of the stadium.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

100,000 is the goal for the book overall. I'd like to get half of that done this month. I'm not doing NaNo, just using it as a means to stop with the procrastination.

Jidai said...

You know, I'm smiling ear to ear, my wife is contemplating shredding her Green Bay jerseys and I couldn't be happier.

Aren't you glad we got HIM. :D

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I don't care who got HIM. I'm still pissed the way he was pushed out the door for the shiny new shitty object at QB now.

I only call him Voldemort because every time it seems like he's about to die, he comes back, stronger than before.

snowelf said...

I watched the most fabulous documentary on the History channel about the oracle on Friday. Maybe Notre Dame has been spending a little too much time at Delphi?

I hate Green Bay and living in Wisconsin only made me hate them more. (Shh, don't tell my dad)

NaNoWriMo is already kicking my ass. I haven't written anything in three days. Which means I'll be getting busy tonight--although it's not exactly going to be in the way that I'd like to. :P
(Also, don't tell my dad.)


adrienzgirl said...

I have been a Giants fan forever and a day. Then we got a team in Jax. So of course, I became a fan. First Tom Coughlin coached my Jags. Finally, well overdue we cast out the coach from Hell. Where does he go? Are you effin serious? I also follow The Eagles, quite regularly. The hired the dog killer? WTF? I think I am over football. But hey, the Jags won by three. *whimper* Yeah, go team.

Eric said...

Dude, the book sounds great, I can't wait. I've been to the sparse remains of Delphi, saw the crumpled golden bull, the charioteer, ran around the Roman track at the top of the hill.

Speaking of fields, did you see UT kick A$$ this weekend. Easy schedule from here on out, I think...

Scope said...

But the Bucs had to wear the "creamcicle" uniforms, so even in victory, they had to hang their heads in shame.

And I know the pain of being a football outsider. Live in Chicago, and am a Steelers fan. Luckily they get a lot of national broadcasts, because if we get an AFC game, it's usually the Colts.

As for a coach? I read that Rick Mirer is coaching Pop Warner ball...

words...words...words... said...

Aaron Rodgers is very, very good. Unfortunately, he has five turnstiles protecting him. If I were a Packer fan, I'd have taken JaMarcus Russell just to get rid of He Who Shall Not Be Named.

June said...

Ward decided yesterday that after wasting 3 hours watching the Packers, he would not do it again. That is like blasphemy here in Packer country not to watch the game.