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TMI Thursday: What, I'm Three Again?

November 19, 2009

If this does not sate your thirst for awesome TMI stories, then check out all the other glorious tales of things we probably shouldn't tell at LiLu's home for the staunchy raunchy, TMI Thursdays!

You might have heard me mention that I did my graduate studies at the University of Notre Dame. Heard of it? It's a little Catholic institution situated in the midst of the Great Lakes basin. I hear they've won a football game or two? Something like that. Anyway, the coach is involved in some sort of imbroglio here of late, involving something about inept defenses or something. I don't know of these things.

Anyway, whilst a fresh-faced chemist, still hellbent on making the world a better place, one sp3-hybridized orbital at a time, I met an equally fresh-faced (and large-breasted) redheaded lass hellbent on making the world a better place, one Latin declension at a time. We met for some coffee and a little talk, sipped the coffe on the bench outside her dorm, and then parted ways. A few nights later, we met again for some scintillating discussion of middle Gaelic, a lecture which captivated my attention like no other, causing me to cling to the edge of my seat, wondering how that man was going to roll his r's and elide his l's this time. I was so captivated, I believe I snored.

A few months later, we married. A few months after that, she burst forth with child. Roughly a year after that, she left to live with her mother and father while I worked diligently on the final few reactions and molecules and the requisite characterizations of these compounds. Oh, how I adored the HPLC then, my friends.

But this isn't a tale of love between a man and a highly-efficient purification machine. No, this is a story about a trip.

So, my wife and daughter, when she was 11 months old, moved to Charlotte, NC with my mother- and father-in-law. As the days continued to drag on and on, and I was busy throwing beautiful samples of my highly-unstable and difficult-to-purify aldehyde on the floor of the NMR room, depression set in. I was living with my friend, Dr. Assy (who was just Candidate Assy at that time), and despite the fact that we would get a coffee every morning, he didn't much care for spooning. Nor for me gently cupping a breast during a chilly autumn evening.

This caused me to, one weekend, decide that, dammit, I wanted some sex I should go see my family. So, I loaded myself into my car (a Ford Contour, the Pantie-Liner of Sedans) shortly after noon and jumped onto the interstate that runs just north of Notre Dame's campus. On the way to the on-ramp, I fueled up at the world's slowest gas pump, which caused me to wander into the store to buy chocolaty comestibles. As I was wandering toward the counter to pay up for my provisioning, I thought I'd buy a bottle of water and a diet cola to slake my thirst while I drove. It was, after all, a ten-hour least. Since it was a long trip, I decided to buy the 32 ounce bottle of water. Makes sense, right? Sort of.

So, I paid for my food and I paid for my gas and I paid for my drinks. I got in my car and I got onto the Indiana Toll Road and I headed east. Four and a half hours later, I was in Cleveland, turning south onto I-77, which would take me to Charlotte. I had made this drive a few times, so I knew where my favorite places to stop were: New Philadelphia, OH (the home of legendary Ohio State football coach, Woody Hayes!) and Fancy Gap, VA (Smack in the middle of Frank Beamer Country...And Don't You Fucking Forget It!).

New Philadelphia is a fantastic little burgh clinging to the interstate in eastern Ohio where I could fuel up fairly cheaply, and right next door to the gas station was a Taco Bell, so I could gas up there, too. And then right across from the Taco Bell was a store promising to service all of my adult needs. In my book, that's a win-win-win situation.

So, as usual, I got off at New Philadelphia (heh) and I gassed up at the BP and then I gassed up again at the Taco Bell and then I somehow managed to avoid the Sirens' song offered by the lovely ladies of New Philadelphia, OH. How I did it without pouring wax into my ears, I'll never know. But, I managed to get back onto the interstate and continue to hurtle myself south toward West Virginia at break neck speed (I assume 75 mph to be break neck speed).

Did I mention that I got a large Mountain Dew at Taco Bell in New Philadelphia? Yes. I figured I could use the caffeine to stay awake and, thusly, alive while I drove through the Virginias. Hi-oh! This train wasn't stopping until Fancy Gap. Punch in the coordinates for light speed and we're off, Chewy.

A few hours later, and I was beginning to feel the unmistakable sensation of my bladder filling up. You know the feeling. The one that tells your brain "Hey, gotta take a piss." Yes, well, I ignored it. I was in West Virginia when the urge first hit and, well, West Virginia is a beautiful state. I wouldn't want to sully it with my urine. So, onward I pressed.

The urge began to grow more pressing the further south I went. It didn't help that the lap belt was stretched across that area just north of my Howdoyoudo, applying extra pressure on my rapidly filling bladder. You know what else didn't help? I kept drinking the fucking 32 ounce bottle of water.

Finally, just south of Wytheville, VA, I'm really feeling it. You know, that urge to piss so badly that you think your bladder is about to pop like a child's balloon or that dream bubble in which you're having hot monkey sex with Melissa Joan Hart? Yes, well, that's the feelings my bladder was sending to my brain.

Actually, it was telling me, "Listen, asshole, either empty me or I'm gonna 'splode all over your insides. Do you really want piss on your intestines? No? Then pull the fuck over!" My bladder tends to have a piss-poor attitude when it's rapidly filling.

It's not as shitty as my colon when I get backed up, though.

God, I'm punny.

"Hold on, Little Buddy," I kept telling my bladder as I read the mile markers, "It's only 23 more miles and then I'll empty you out."

It got to the point where I was shifting back and forth in my seat to relieve the pressure on my distended bladder. Finally--blessedly!--the sign telling me Fancy Gap was a mere mile away hove into view. Relief was a scant five thousand, two hundred and eight feet away!

I exit at the fanciest gap in all of Virginia and make my way over to the BP, a glowing green-and-gold oasis offering me the promise of gasoline, flushable toilets, a rather surly-looking attendant behind the counter wearing a faded Virginia Tech hat, and more chocolaty goodness for the last 100 miles of my journey. I pull up to the station, arching my back because I have to pee so badly and I think that this particular way of holding my body will offer the most relief.

Now, when it comes to using public facilities, I'm one of those people who hates using their somewhat clean toilets without offering a little restitution. So, I get out of the car, stretch, feel the cool night air upon my flesh, and simply soak in the fact that I'm not crammed into the pilot's seat of a Ford Contour (the Pantie-Liner of Sedans). I decide that my first purchase shall be approximately ten and a half gallons of gasoline. I slide my card into the reader, insert the nozzle into the gas tank, and pull the lever. A rush of gasoline cascades into the car's interior tanks.

At this point, I'm doing a little shuffle back-and-forth from one leg to the other, the whole time clenching those muscles in my groin that both make my dick dance back and forth and also keep me from pissing. I'm about halfway done filling my tank when the inevitable happens.

My bladder rebels. The muscles used to clench my urethra closed fail. And once the seal has been broken, the diet soda, the Mountain Dew, and the water all come rushing out. At once. While I'm still filling my car up.

Yes, like a three-year-old learning to use the potty, I had an accident.

You know, kind of like if the Hoover Dam suddenly, catastrophically fails, you could call that an "accident".

Of course, I wasn't wearing jeans or something dark colored that could hide my shame. No, as I stood there in my piss-soaked shorts, the faded green khaki color turned a very noticeable forest green. And I pissed so much and so hard that it soaked through my boxer-briefs and shorts and actually made a cascade onto the concrete.

Finished, and with as much dignity as I could muster, I replaced the hose for the gas line. I put the gas cap back in the tank. I closed the cover over the gas cap. I went to the trunk and pulled out a pair of fresh boxer-briefs and shorts and, holding them so that they hovered over my soiled crotch, I made my way into the BP. Thank whatever deity you believe in, the BP at Fancy Gap, VA is not nearly as swinging a joint as you might imagine at 10 pm on a Friday night. Only the surly-looking attendant at the counter and someone talking to him about bass boats saw me. They barely acknowledged me as I went back to the restroom, relieved whatever else had built up in my bladder after shaming myself at the pump station, and dropped my pants onto the floor. I changed quickly, rolling the soiled shorts and underwear up, and made my way back out to the car. I threw them in the trunk. I tried my best to forget the whole thing ever happened.

Then here's a curious thing: I went back into the service station and bought another drink!!! And, of course, some more chocolaty goodness for the ride down to Charlotte. I told you I'm one of those people who feels compelled to purchase something when I piss in someone's parking lot public restroom.

The rest of the trip to Charlotte was without urinary incident. I found my way to my in-law's house and my wife was very happy to see me. She met me at the door, and hugged me, and was very happy to have me back in her possession for a couple of days. I then went back out to the car to get my things. I gathered up my bag and some writing material and...I left the piss-soaked clothing in the car. I figured it better not to bring that up in the presence of my in-laws.

And then, as I was walking back into the house, the dog from up the street mauled me.

Fucking asshole dog.


Moooooog35 said...


They can smell pee-soaked people who make really bad decisions a mile away.

Wait. Maybe I'm thinking about sharks.

Joshua said...

Ever since finding this place I've been finding that I look forward to Thursdays more and more. Not that I despised Thursdays to begin with, but now I have something to look forward to. You, sir, are bolder than I. I've embarassed myself countless times, but I just don't think I can rehash them for all to see. Maybe someday, but not now.

Oh, and my word verification reads "peentyph"

Yep...oddly enough, it starts with the word "Pee"

You just can't make this shit up.


Jidai said...

The shame we go for family. They never shall know the dirty secrets.

Scope said...

I, too, am a "pay to play" kind of person when it comes to using the facilities, but in the case of an emergency, I would but some beef jerky AFTER the fact.

And I live in fear of making a bad call on the "you can make it one more exit, right?" game.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

"Fucking asshole dog" is a sentence uttered quite frequenly in my house.

'Member the contest I did last year? I'm doing it again and I want you to play. C'mon over.

Ed Adams said...


The dog maul works with EVERYTHING!

Travis said...

Who hasn't pissed on themselves a little at a gas station?


Ah. Right.

Just you. Dang.

Tech sucks. I actually like Notre Dame. I could get shot for admitting that in Oklahoma.

mike said...

You should have spilled a little gas on your pants and blamed the pump hose. You could have ran into the gas station and said, "Urine trouble, buddy!"

Will Shannon said...

Well, think of it this way: Kirch could not have held out like that in a month of Sundays.

I seem to recall a trip from Rensselaer to Indy where he stopped no less than four times to take a leak.

I swear a teacup from a doll's china set holds more liquid than that man's bladder.

Oh, and any mention of WV brings me in mind of something my grandfather (Pittsburgh native and former travelling salesman in those parts) said:

If the world ever needed an enema, the hose would be inserted into West Virginia.

Just Another Momma said...

How funny, you're cracking me up. But, for another TMI day, I have a story somewhat similar . . . ooops!

adrienzgirl said...

Did you at least take a shower before you banged the wife? Cause really, hot kinky sex should be pee free.

Unless you're into that golden shower kinda thing.

If you are, don't tell me. It's bad enough you told me you like cats.

carissajaded said...

hahahaha you peed in your pants!!!

I love your description of the little shifting dance. I do that way too often. I dunno why I don't just go when I need to go.. but it's like a little contest with myself to see how long I can hold it!

red said...

Touchdown Jesus!

Frank said...

Road trips with my dad were like that. Us kids would tell him we'd have to go to the bathroom, and he'd say "Okay, I'll get off the highway soon." Then one exit would pass...then another...then a rest area...then another exit. That man tried to squeeze as many miles as he could out of our distended bladders before finally relenting when one of us swore to God that we were going to piss all over his car if he didn't stop.

corticoWhat said...

I've been known to refill the 32 oz. water bottle on long drives......and not with water.

Mala said...

Oh man, you were askin' for it! Pumping gas when you had to piss! What were you thinking? Did you believe that listening to the steady stream of gas flowing through the hose would help the situation? LMAO

Steam Me Up, Kid said...



*jumps up and down cheering*

LiLu said...

"Anyway, whilst a fresh-faced chemist..."

I call porno movie.

Cora said...

I think I better understand Lisa Nowak and her Pampers now. Thanks.

Tennyson ee Hemingway said...

The dog smelled the chocolate. The chocolate I tell ya.

Lucy said...

Um. I am amazed that you tried to fill your car up with gas first, that just cracked me up but what is it with men and having to get to certain destinations before stopping while driving? WOMEN just stop!!!! (lol)

words...words...words... said...

Having just read your last two entries back to back, the dog mauling was superb. I can't believe you haven't whacked that no good dog yet.

Also, Melissa Joan Hart is looking gooooood.

Nej said...

I'm also a pee procrastinator at times...but you actually filled the tank up before you went in to use the restroom? Are you crazy???