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Welcome to the Den of Disease

October 22, 2008

Want a follow-up to the follow up? No? Fuck you, you get one anyway.

Last week, Cookie had the Strep. I went and got her antibiotics and she's been rocking those for a week. She feels much better. Sore throat is gone. Everyone is happy. Hooray.

Over the weekend, Tank got a cold. You might remember him from such descriptions as the "feverish four-year-old who ruined my anniversary plans". Apparently, he also likes to wake his parents up in the middle of the night and tell them not to go walking in the woods, or else you'll get lost. Dosed him with the Zicam Nasal Swabs and the Mucinex and the Ibuprofen. Still coughs, but fever is gone, mucus in chest is breaking up like an Imperial Fleet before making the jump to hyperspace. Sometimes, I have my moments. They're not many, but I have them.

Today, Cookie had a cough. We sent her to school anyway because she was out last week and got a ream of homework. Not wanting to go through that again, we shipped her off to ye olde schoolhouse. Got a call around 10:20 am that she had a 101 degree fever and a racking cough. Wife went to rescue her. Upon arrival, Wife reports that the Cookster looked "like death". They headed over to the doctor where Cookie actually fell asleep during the examination. Unsure of the diagnosis, she had a chest x-ray and was sent home to rest. Doctor called a little while later with the diagnosis: pneumonia. I'm headed out to get her prescription from the pharmacy on my way home.
What's that slight discomfort I'm feeling in my backside? Oh, why, it's the universe, sodomizing my household with disease.


Dr Zibbs said...

Forget that. Look at those cool action figs!

Ψ*Ψ said...

Hope she's OK. (And that the rest of you don't catch it.)

Lisa-tastrophies said...

What's that slight discomfort I'm feeling in my backside? Oh, why, it's the universe, sodomizing my household with disease.

So is that where "Sexually transimitted diseases" come from???

Sorry, I'm blaming all smart assed remarks on my latest battle with the antibiotics.

Gwen said...

My grandma always said to place a live hen next to the patient, have the hen suck out the mucus, then have the patient drink a glass of his own urine twice a day. Seems extreme, but you also seem to like your kids. You decide.

Word verification word: rapnoopi. I may have to start writing these down.

Mel O said...

Holy crap - pneumonia?! Hope the little cookie is okay!

btw, I'm still LMAO at the "sodomizing" comment.

Noel said...

Holy crap man. Well, I hope you and your immune system are holding up. Have you gotten some time to at least relax?

dg said...

I recommend a heavy dose of alcohol. Alcohol kills germs. It also kills brain cells. But. IT KILLS GERMS.

Drink up.

BeckEye said...

I've been sodomized too.

Also, I'm sick.