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October 13, 2008

I just skimmed through this link I found on CNN about the Top 20 Pop Culture Hits people couldn't pay you to watch. First of all, I'm not on this list because if you're paying me, I'll sit and watch any piece of shit you feel the need to offer up. It doesn't have to be the green, either. I'm good with services, as well. If you feel the need to offer up boob shots in order to watch your show, I'm the guy to call.

Top 20 List

There are some fabulous quotations in here, too. The funniest would be the guy who refuses to the Passion of the Christ. His line: "I went to Catholic school. I already know how it ends."

But, there were a lot of pathetic people commenting on various shows or movies they would "never watch". Such as the person who refuses to watch the Lord of the Rings because it would be cheating on their beloved Harry Potter. Don't get me started there. Or the person who is proud of the fact that they've never watched a second of the Simpsons, aside from the Butterfinger commercials from a few years ago? I'm going to guess they don't get laid a lot, either. Fortunately, Homer has a solution for them.


McGone said...

The person who refuses to watch any of the "Bring It On" movies is fighting an uphill battle. If they keep making those things, eventually ALL movies will be "Bring It On" movies.

BeckEye said...

I haven't seen the follow-up "Bring It On" movies, because the first one was perfecto.

And people always say, "Oh I'd NEVER watch this," "I'd NEVER watch that," but wait until you're up late one night really bored and some cheesefest comes on. You WILL watch. How else do you think I've seen "From Justin to Kelly" three times?

Rider said...

The people who comment on those sites are pathetic...not at all like the folks who comment on blogs. Blog comments are always pithy and always contribute to the topic.

And someday I will watch Bring It On. I'll even blog about it, ripping off Jim Gaffigan by titling it, "Bring It On: I Want To Write About It Now."

Mel O said...

It's good to know, that even if I go completely broke I still always have some form of currency with the potential boob shots.

btw, the first Bring It On was absolutely perfecto.

minddiarrhea said...

I will admit, Bring it On ...I have seen it, many times. Eliza Dushku and Gabrielle can you NOT like seeing them in tight outfits?

Gwen said...

I refuse to see Titanic. It just kind of happened that I never saw it and now it's been so long that I decided to make a "thing" of it. I've also never seen "Bring It On." I feel a new "thing" coming on!

red said...

Bring it On rules.

This is your typical, "I am cool because I haven't seen such and such" snobbery. It's just silly. Except for my rule to never read/see anything by Nicholas Sparks (except The Notebook). That's just, like, a given.

mike said...

I got a kick out of the one who wont watch Jaws because she thinks "people getting eaten by sharks is pretty scary".

I don't think that's too unreasonable, which is why it cracks me up for being on the list.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

First: laughed my A$$ off at the Passson of the Christ comment. Will probably spend at least half an eternity in hell for that one.
Second: I'm with you on the pay for viewing. Remember you are talking to the woman who ACTUALLY paid money to see Stripper Zombies in the theatre ~ first run.
Third: I got asked to leave the theatre during Titanic because I actually cheered when Leo bit the big iceberge in the sky.