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December 8, 2008

No, not that kind, perv. Via the Incomprehensible Alaina, I find I'm only 46% geek. Really? Huh.

46% Geek

So, I'm a little confused here. I mean, I can name all thirteen of the Dwarves that traveled with Bilbo, recite the inscription on the Ring of Power, recite the periodic table up to tin (I tend to switch antimony and tellurium), can draw the natural steroisomers of all the amino acids from memory, can recite the taxonomic divisions of life from top to bottom, and I can recite base e to 15 decimal places. That's not geeky? Do all of these "abilities" make me A) a nerd, B) a geek, or C) just devilishly handsome and strangely alluring? Hint: The answer is c.


Joe said...


LYDIA said...

There were 13 dwarves! I just know Gimli :(

And wait, was he even a dwarf? Well, what else could he be? Dwarf it is.

LYDIA said...

I was going to say that she looked a lot like Rogue (sorry, I don't know her real name) I just know that she was my favorite when I used to watch the cartoon. I wanted to be her.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I think her 'real' name is now accepted as "Marie", thanks to the writers of the first movie.

McGone said...

There were dwarves in "Lord of the Rings?" Huh.

Jidai said...

72% :P

Alaina said...

I adore it when you link me! Makes me feel famous!

~E said... you're 46%? I'm guessing without taking the test that based on your results I'm probably around 30 to 35%...


I can also recite the periodic table but I can do it all minus the lanthanides and actinides and all of period 7 after Radon.

I cant draw all the amino acids (from memory) but I can name them. I really need to say anymore?

oh and by the way, I'm also devilishly handsome and alluring.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

@ Joe: Didn't like the number 42, huh?

@ Lydia: In the Hobbit. Did I write Frodo or Bilbo? I thought I wrote Bilbo. Anyway, whatever, I meant Bilbo. Read my mind, not my words, lady.

@ Lydia II: That girl could pull of Rogue if she put the white stripe in. But, she's supposed to be Phoenix/Marvel Girl/Jean Grey in that picture.

@ myself: Anna Paquin is hot.

@ McGone: Yes, there were several at the Council of Elrond...wait, I see what you're doing. You're sniffing out my geekiness, you sly dog, you.

@ Jidai: Impressive. You'll make Jedi Master yet.

@ Alaina: Awww...shucks, ma'am. I just like how I piggy back onto your posts and act like I created my own. Clever clever, me. Wait. Crap. I just gave myself away.

@ E: Awesome work with the periodic table. Yeah, the lanthanides are some tricksy beasts. However, my favorite element--Ytterbium--is there so I feel as if I have to love them. Also, we already knew that last part, the one about being devilish and such. Give us some credit, wouldja?

Lisa-tastrophies said...

I can count to ten with both hands; twenty if I remove my shoes. I can cuss in four different languages. I can connect Kevin bacon to just about anyone ever born. I can name every Miss America. I can recite Shakespeare from memory.


Will Shannon said...

Remember when we had this discussion at SJC?

Didn't we say that there was a sort of hierarchy?

Weren't nerds at the top, geeks in the middle and dorks at the bottom?

Wasn't there something about a geek being a nerd who specializes?

Is this all some booze-fogged memory?

Let's see...not sure, not sure, not sure, probably.