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December 16, 2008

Jane Austen, beloved English novelist and widely considered among academics as one of the greatest English authors in history, was born on this day in 1775. My wife, the Buxom and Comely and Easily Terrified Boudicca (her epithet just keeps getting longer...) loves her some Jane Austen. In fact, our first DVD purchase was the BBC's version of Pride and Prejudice. When Colin Firth bounds into the scene as Mr. Darcy, she heaves a heady sigh. Since last night she bitched that I post too many pictures of Leelee Sobieski around this joint, this one's for her:
See? I'm a giver. But, it wouldn't be my blog if there wasn't egregious boob pictures, so, in keeping with the moment, here's Firth's co-star in the BBC production, Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennett.
Okay, so that wasn't too egregious. It's the best I could do on short notice, and remember, I'm using this as an attempt to get laid. Sheesh, you people and your complaints.

Also, in case you're like me and you need some blog reading that involves brain activity and shit in the wake of Mind Diarrhea's big brown blog bubble going pop, check out Mental Poo's post for today. It's brilliant (thanks to Mathdude for turning me onto this guy in the first place).


red said...

Oh, Mr. Darcy. How I love you so.

LYDIA said...

Dear Mrs. Jenks,

BBC's Pride & Prejudice was my first DVD purchase as well. I was so angry when the Keira Knightly version came out - IMO, it blew! So this is going to sound SO LAME, but everytime Elizabeth visits Pemberley, my heart sings. Oh wow, lamer than I thought lol.

Oh, hello to Mr. Jenks too.

Will Shannon said...

I am a historian so therefore, works of fiction have been ruined for me.

That being said, the works of Austen do give an interesting picture of a certain part of English society during the Regency. They also make some interesting rejoinders about the position of women in that sector of society (which was very, very small).

I guess I am saying that I am sort of "take-it-or-leave-it" when it comes to Jane Austen.

SouthernBelle said...

I love the P&P BBC version soooooo much.

Colin Firth as Mr Darcy = Bosom Heaving WIN.

Keira "Scary Little Teeth" Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet = FAIL.

I spent the whole KK movie wishing I'd bought the BBC series and stayed home and watched it on DVD instead.

McGone said...

Despite Southern Belle's last comment, I believe that by law you have to run a picture of Keira Knightley when you mention Jane Austen.

Look, I don't make the rules. I just like to see them upheld.

Ashley said...

I LOVE Colin Firth, Mr. Darcy and P&P!!!

Good husband :)

Frank said...

All those English lit classes I took have instilled in me an intense desire to end my own life every time Jane Austen or one of her works is mentioned. Luckily I was able to resist it this time...

LYDIA said...


The only Elizabeth I enjoyed Keira Knightly playing was Elizabeth Swann. She is very pretty, she has a very interesting face. I read somewhere that she just won for best lips.... how she won over Angelina Jolie, I am not sure? Or even Rosario Dawson? Yeah, it's a mystery.

LYDIA said...

Oh, and lol @ Frank.

Moooooog35 said...

That counts as a boob shot? Foul, I say, FOUL!

Thine boobies musteth be way poppeth'd out of thine bodice!

(see what I did there? genius)

Will Shannon said...

Well, the rich characters at least had bodices to make the aforementioned boobies poppeth.

The poor didn't have bodices. All they had was cholera.

Alaina said...

wow... I'm so jealous that your post got WAY more comments than my post... sigh... must be because of your picture of Mr. Darcy. funny thing is that I contemplated, I mean seriously stewed, over putting up his picture... and decided not to. sigh.

Mel O said...

Happy Birthday Jane Austen!! I can't believe she's STILL ALIVE!

(lol... I'm JOKING, mJenks)

Also, I think it's pretty hilarious that you switch out Mind Diarrhea for Mental Poo... LMAO at that irony

Scope said...

Was I skimming, or did SouthernBelle refer to KK's "small teats"?

And remember, you won an award recently. As a conquering hero, that should get you some knoockie from the Mrs. Just trying to help a brother out.

But capitalize on it soon, before she just stalls you and says to wait for you birthday.

Lisa-tastrophies said...

OHHHH MMMMMYYYYYYY GGGGGGGGAAAAAWWWWDDD!!!! Today is my 40th birthday and Colin Firth is one of my *sigh* dream guys. I was a great birthday and now one of my favorite bloggers put a picture of Mr. Darcy up on my birthday!!! Thank you!!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

oh yess! Loving the whole Pride and Prejudice thing. Mr Darcy does make a girl swoon!! Pride is a book I have read no less than 50 times in my life. I am a sucker for a great love story.
Thanks for sharing Mjenks!

Hap said...

I think that even the potential of cholera removes the desirability of boob shots. Kind of like taking Alli to be more attractive - leaving multicolored streaks doesn't increase your attractiveness, no matter how thin you get. At least cholera ends.

I haven't read Austen, though Jane Eyre didn't suck. As long as Austen writes more compactly than James Fenimore Cooper, she might be OK.

Moooooog35 said...

A boob is a boob, Cholera or not.

Any man who thinks otherwise needs his Mantown Membership revoked.

History be me thine areolas!

I'm getting good at this 'old world' jargon.

Gwen said...

It makes me sad that no one knew about her until her nephew wrote his book about her, but at least he did so we can enjoy her now.

SouthernBelle said...

Hey mjenks, would you be interested in writing the Married Guy perspective for our 3 to 4 part series?

Comment on my blog, let me know :)

SouthernBelle said...

If you're up for being our Married Guy, post your part on your blog.

Me & TishTash will pimp it on our blogs too!
; )

dg said...

Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy = a big dish of ROWR! Mmmm-mmmmm.

It is fortuitous that you posted a photo of Ms. Ehle playing Ms. Bennet, for the latter day portrayal by the lovely Keira Knightly essentially guarantees zero boobage availability in photos.

I own a copy of BOTH movies and watch them often. I luurve me some Jane Austen.

SouthernBelle said...

Also I AIM-friended you, but I don;t think you're online.

You should be able to figure out by my AIM name that it's me

: )

Pfangirl said...

Yeah, I've seen the BBC miniseries waaay too many times, but I also quite enjoyed the Knightly version - one of her better performances as far as I was concerned, and she was age-appropriate to the character of Elizabeth.

As a sidenote, as a Jane Austen fan it was quite a thrill to stumble across the original sketch of the author in the National Portrait Gallery in London.