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Caught between the Trade Winds

May 26, 2006

I've gotten very little done this week. Well, on the book, at least.

This week we had a client meeting, and leading up to it, we discovered that the results I had been so proud of weren't the right results (damned reaction acetylenes). So, I had to bust my ass to try a different route to get what we want. With that in mind, I've been going in earlier and coming home a little later. It paid off with the results we needed/wanted, but it still busted my ass. I've been going to bed earlier as a result of this. So, I've not gotten a damned thing written, but I did draw a map. If I can figure out how to transfer it to the computer AND then put it up here, you'll see it. I love maps.

Also, this evening, when I planned on writing, I had, instead, a very hectic thirty minutes that ruined the rest of the night for me. I was using the facilities when it suddenly started raining with my mower still sitting outside and then my daughter got up off my bed to run and throw up but ended up puking in the hallway and then my son was awakened by the thunder and started screaming because he's terrified of storms. So, I got done with the facilities, got my daughter cleaned up, my son changed, tried to silence him with a cookie and then dashed outside to put away the mower. Came back in, Thomas was still screaming, Madeleine was throwing up again, and a pile of corn dog and pink/orange goo awaited me upstairs.

When that was all calmed, I had to load everyone in the car and then hurry off to tutor, stopping along the way for some nuggets for Thomas and a cup of water for Madeleine. I got home and was exhausted, so I put everyone to bed and then sat down at the computer meaning to type away and work on one of the human chapters (I think going back and forth will help me keep things enjoyable enough...I get bored when it's the same characters all the time).

Anyway, I decided a name for the leader of the Elk Clan: Staghorn. Yeah, nothing surprising there, but I really like the name. It's almost as cool as King Stonetalon.

I will get a chapter or two done over the long weekend. I promise.