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A return to Nicoria and...the other places

May 26, 2006

As you can tell from the title, I've only named one of my lands for this new book. I need to draw the map for it. I have it perfectly drawn in my head. It's one of the clearest times I've ever envisioned a landscape/map/world. Which is one of the reasons why I've found this book to be most compelling and commanding me to write it.

I started a new chapter tonight. I got a whole page into it before I doubled back and wrote the next chapter in sequence. I'm bad about not writing the book straight through. I tend to jump around some, especially if I make sudden shifts in perspective, such as going from Redear and the deer tribe to the Men trying to make sense of the war to the south. Most of my human characters are from the north (or thereabouts) from a nation called Malaris. The other major nation is Nicoria, and there is a war being fought between the two nations (though it's rather one-sided). That's the "back ground" story for The Boar War.

The portion I got through tonight begins to show the real dissent among some of the animal clans, especially why some of them are so pissed at humanity (mostly it's because we don't have a mating season, and their upset they can't be doin' it all the time). I also worked in some character development and some history. Whee! Chapter three is about half finished right now.

Word Count: 19813
Page Count: 65