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May 21, 2006

I've introduced a new character. I had him mapped out long before now, but I had no idea how to incorporate him into the story. While I was working earlier, an entry position presented itself to me, and so Skulk of the Red Fox tribe of the Wolf Clan was born.

At first, I wasn't sure how to work with this character. There are a variety of "archetypes" for foxes, all being sly and shadowy, but I wanted to try and "break the mold", if you will. Skulk's original name was "Skat", but as that is Latin for "shit", I decided not to use it. He then became Bushbrush, but I thought that cumbersome and somewhat typical, making an allusion to his bushy tail. So, instead, I went with more of a "trait" rather than a description of him. Skulk hit me instantly, as he will be used as a scout and a spy throughout the story. Also, careful readers will have picked up on his cameo earlier in the story. For the unenlightened(such as me, ere I began my research into the subject), a "skulk" is the proper name for a group of foxes. Clever, I know. You may shower me with undergarments now.

Chapter two is complete, though it ended a bit more "abruptly" than I wanted, especially with the way the third chapter begins. However, it will work. I'll just have to have one of those "flashback" moments that authors use so often. It will work, dammit. (we'll see in the next few days).

Word count with the completion of chapter two: 17558
(Manuscript) Page count (A NEW FEATURE!!!): 57