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May 19, 2006

Christ! Has it truly been over a week since I posted an update?

Lord have mercy.

It's been a hectic week at work. Mostly because the reactions I thought I was getting to go were going through another less-hindered but also, allegedly, less reactive centers. So, we've been trying to find a way around that. It has been only mildly successful trying to find a new path to get to our targets. On the positive side (and it's a real stretch), at least I've done a different kind of palladium coupling reaction.

Okay, working diligently on chapter one. My wife has been off this week, and so we've been trying to prepare for her mother to arrive next week or next weekend sometime. I'm not sure what day it is. But, she'll be here.

I've introduced the Wolf Clan into the story. This pack is particularly viscious toward humans, as the humans have been hunting them because they live too close to the village of Brambley. Plus, wolves are just bad news to have around (in this type of setting for this frame of time) because of lycanthropy and all. You know how it goes.

I tried to catch a demonic, savage light for the wolves. Often in fantasy literature, wolves are painted in really happy, positive light. They're predators, but since they travel in packs, they're smart. Plus, they're dogs, so they're faithful to men. I guess that's the logic of making wolves such popular animals in fantasy literature. But, since this story is being told (largely) from the viewpoint of a deer, I thought it would be rather disingenuous for the deer to hold the wolves in such high esteem. Plus, it made little sense for any other creatures to be there in the story at that time (the Boar Clan will come in later...they're already off causing trouble...the wolves will join them later).

So, the word count total is 15757. Yeah, I haven't gotten a lot done, but this time of year is hectic now that I have a child in school. Plus, the whole coupling reaction thing stress.

Will finish Chapter Two tomorrow night. It should be short...about 15 to 17 pages. I'm shooting for the same amount of pages for three and four should be a longer one. And then five becomes a battle scene. Those are fun to write. This ought to be interesting, because I so seldom write animals in my battle scenes.

Ah, finally, an update. Look for something tomorrow less about the story and more about career aspirations.