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A Quick Update, an Ice Cream Bar, and Sleep

May 10, 2006

Not too much to report this evening. I did manage to get some typing done, though I didn't much feel like it after watching House. All I really wanted to do then was make sure my children were okay and maybe hug them close. I did offer up several prayers of thanks that my children were never sick like that when they were born, and my wife never had serious post-partum where she wanted to kill any of us. But, damn, that is just such a fine show (even if my wife DOES have something for Hugh Laurie...hell, after watching the show this long, I have something for him!)

Anyway. I went back, fixed up chapter one a little bit (there's always those things you think about after you're done like "Oh, the cat!" or "I like these words here better") and started in earnest on chapter two. And I laid out the works for chapter five, which might turn into chapter six at some point, depending on where I put one other chapter. So, that's started.

To keep me honest, here is the updated word count: 12542

I hope to be up around 18-20,000 by this weekend, but with Madeleine's recital...I make no guarantees. Plus, I've got a serious Dark Cloud jones going.